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Identity Devices Launches Innovative Biometric Privacy Platform to Safeguard Aadhaar User’s Privacy and Data

Identity Devices Sweden AB (Identity Devices), an innovative new digital identity and biometric technology company, today announced an innovative new Biometric Privacy Platform™ for the Aadhaar ecosystem to enable greater data security, privacy, consent, and confidentiality. Biometric Privacy Platform™ (BPP) consists of authentication hardware and software for the Aadhaar ecosystem, preserving convenience while increasing personal privacy and data security and putting the resident in charge of the use of their Aadhaar data including picture, name, address, mobile number and more.
Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric Digital Identity program with more than 90 percent of Indians linking Aadhaar to most government and non-governmental services such as those related to taxation, cooking gas subsidy, banking, passports, and so on. Biometric Privacy Platform™ increases ease of convenience, personal privacy and data security by putting residents in charge of how their Aadhaar data is used.
Biometric Privacy Platform™ adds privacy and consumer-choice layer on top of Aadhaar online and offline authentication modes. Devices that have integrated BPP and its authentication modalities enable user interaction to make dynamic choices at the time of each authentication event. BPP’s QR Code offline authentication capability is fully compliant with the Aadhaar act, current Supreme Court rulings, UIDAI requirements, and other government policies. The online authentication capability and biometric capture capabilities will also be fully compliant with the UIDAI certification requirements for multi-modal biometric authentication (Face, Finger and IRIS).
According to Mr. David Burnett, CEO and Founder, Identity Devices, “Identity Devices is committed to the principle that individuals should have power over their personal data, what and when to share it, and how it is used. This principle can have no better validation than when it is applied to the Aadhaar user. We are delighted to be able to offer to the Indian market an instrument which addresses the very valid concerns of people regarding their sensitive personal data. The solutions offered by Identity Devices will make it easier than ever before for Digital Identity, IoT and FinTech device makers to add biometric features that allow them to connect more securely to popular authentication and identity ecosystems.”

Adding to this, Mukesh Singh, VP, Sales and Marketing, Identity Devices, India, said, “There is enormous demand for fingerprint and iris authentication in India now that systems like Aadhaar have demonstrated the ease-of-use, viability and economic benefits of multi-modal biometric authentication at very large scale. Our pre-certified and easy-to-integrate products directly address the needs of a wide range of device makers to quickly innovate and differentiate their products with biometric experiences and ecosystem integration.”
Identity Devices recently partnered with world-leading biometrics company Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints™) partnership to accelerate biometric adoption in the global Digital Identity, Financial Technology (FinTech), Internet of Things (IoT) and other innovative, fast-growing vertical markets. Under the partnership agreement, Identity Devices will include fingerprint and iris biometric technology from Fingerprints in new products and pre-certified integration kits that make it easy for device makers to add frictionless multi-modal biometric experiences and enable local authentication and access to global and national authentication ecosystems.

About Identity Devices

Identity Devices Sweden AB (Identity Devices) was founded by industry experts from Sweden, India, and the USA with extensive backgrounds in the Biometric, Digital Identity, Security, FinTech and Authentication markets. The company’s vision is to accelerate adoption of high-trust, multi-factor biometric-enabled Digital Identity solutions with products that solve the 5 key adoption and time-to-market barriers (Physical Integration, Service Integration, Testing & Certification, Security Design, and Expertise Shortages). Identity Devices is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, and has offices in India, with regional presences in Taiwan and the USA. For more information about Identity Devices, please visit