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HTTPS.IN and Comodo Warmly Welcome Google Chrome Version 68

The much-awaited July 2018 launch of Google Chrome version 68 makes it mandatory for every website to begin with https or face being marked as ‘NOT SECURE’.

Studies have proved that websites which demonstrate security with an https:// prefix attract a larger audience and enhanced business. While those, who will be marked as ‘NOT SECURE’ face degradation in Google search results and customer confidence.

In anticipation of the rush to go https by buying and installing an SSL certificate, https://www.HTTPS.IN is offering a 2-year validity SSL certificate subscription, for the price of a 1-year SSL certificate subscription. This is to encourage everyone to be compliant with the upcoming Google Chrome 68 release.

This offer is available for a single domain, wildcard and EV SSL variants of the Comodo Positive SSL range. Superior technical support for enrollment and installation of SSL & code signing certificates is offered by HTTPS.IN free of cost.

Launched in Jan 2017, is fully geared for the Google Chrome 68 launch. HTTPS.IN offers website owners, a simple method to choose, buy and install SSL and code signing certificates, Adweb technologies Pvt Ltd owns and operates HTTPS.IN, which is India’s 1st e-commerce portal for website security products.

About Adweb Technologies

Adweb is an e-commerce and security service provider in India which started its business in January 2000. We strive to meet the increasing demands of the market and try to achieve better and greater heights of success. Our company comprises of skilled and determined people who are dedicated and professional to their work. We are proud of our success but at the same time we realize that we need to still bring out the best in us. The mission of Adweb is to become the most preferred Internet, network and e-commerce security service provider in the Indian sub-continent.

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About Comodo CA

Comodo Certificate Authority (CA), the largest TLS/SSL vendor and certificate authority with over 1 million TLS/SSL certificates issued worldwide, is meeting these challenges head-on by securing transactions and creating trust online. A trusted partner for more than two decades, Comodo CA provides web security solutions for businesses of all sizes, protecting their online universe. Comodo CA’s world-class solutions identify, prevent, remediate and combat against sophisticated web-based threats. When you compare TLS/SSL providers, you’ll find that Comodo CA’s world-class solutions are the best in identifying, preventing, remediating and combating against sophisticated web-based threats.