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How to Reach The Top In The IT Field

The field of IT is so varied, and if you have the technical knowledge, you can go anywhere you want with your career. Technology is integral to IT, so it is important that you stay up to date with advances in the industry, no matter which rung of the ladder to the top you are on. This allows you to move into new areas of interest in IT, and even beyond, and gives you the flexibility to determine your career path.  We have provided some tips to help you map your way.

Do Your Research

There are multiple positions and roles to consider in IT. A few examples are DevOps specialist, software developer, network engineer, and system administrator. You can make yourself an expert in programming languages and earn considerably more or aspire to a senior management position at the head of an IT department with a great income.

This does not mean that you are suited to a particular role you want to pursue, unless you already have in-depth knowledge of what is required and have kept up with new knowledge in that area. The first step is to research IT and drill down to any IT positions that appeal to you.

Secondly, you need to consider if you have what it takes to do the job you want and if you will put in the effort to get there. If you are aiming for management, carry out a few management competency tests to see if you fit the role.


Learn to code if you want to prepare yourself to enter the IT field. There are online courses you can take, tutorials you can watch, and even coding camps. You can undertake acquiring these skills without it costing you anything and improve your abilities in your own time by practicing at home.

Work on all your IT skills, especially those that you feel are lacking. Identify the hard and soft IT skills you need and examine your capabilities, then work at improving the ones that were highlighted. Find a mentor with the skills you are learning and ask for their assistance.

Get a Degree or Another IT Qualification

You can enter the IT industry without having a degree, and sometimes another qualification altogether is required for specific roles, such as a network engineer. However, to fill a post in software development, a degree may be required. If you have not yet made a final decision about where in IT you see yourself fitting in, consider an undergraduate degree in computer science or information technology.

You can narrow it down further when you do a post-graduate degree. If you see yourself as an IT specialist, going forward, you can receive training for IT specialists in St. Louis and be certified by Washington University. This will prepare you to practice your practical IT skills in IT service management according to the most up-to-date, modern knowledge and practices.

Get Experience Under Your Belt

Your profile as a candidate for a permanent position will be enhanced by coming in with some experience. Your new team will not have to spend as much time onboarding you and you will be absorbed into the team much faster. This is due to the skills and knowledge of the working world you bring. Always be willing to help on projects that increase your experience.

There is a lot of competition in the IT industry – only a few make it to the top, but these tips can give you that edge.