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HashedIn to Boost Training and Research in AI, Product Development, and Design

Continuous learning and innovation are crucial to success. Tech workshops and meetups provide a platform for designers and developers to share their knowledge, learn from experts, develop new skills, and network with enthusiasts who share similar interests. According to a study by Booz & Co, organizations that have aligned business and innovation strategies and a pro-innovation culture saw a 30% greater improvement of the enterprise’s value over organizations that didn’t possess both. 

HashedIn, a global Product Development Service company aims to nurture a culture of innovation through a series of meetups, workshops, and hackathons focussed on the latest trends in software development, artificial intelligence, design, and UX.
“As a company, we are innovation-driven. We constantly strive to gain a better understanding of concepts like Product design thinking, Agile delivery, Modern software engineering, and DevOps best practices. Through our events and workshops, we encourage knowledge sharing and foster a collaborative environment that drives innovation,” says Himanshu Varshney, CEO, HashedIn Technologies. He adds, “Next year is going to be a busy year for us filled with many more interesting events aimed at training, research, and development of new technologies.”
Workshops and Events for Product Development, AI, Design, and UX
HashedIn regularly partners with thought leaders and tech giants to conduct stimulating workshops on the latest trends in technology, design, and user experience.

  • Design thinking to solve everyday problems
In August 2018, HashedIn hosted a design thinking workshop in collaboration with “Ladies that UX”. “Ladies that UX” is a community of women in UX who work towards creating a better world for users. The workshop saw a splattering of designers, product owners, and entrepreneurs. The workshop led by Suman Bhaskara, UX Manager at Honeywell HUE elaborated on how design thinking could be used to solve everyday problems, and not just those that are related to technology.


HashedIn is also one of the biggest contributors to Redis open source and a strategic partner and competency center in terms of Consulting, Support and Specialized Workshops from APAC for Redis Labs. The company hosted a country-wide event, the Redis India Tour in 2017, featuring prominent industry leaders from Redis, Myntra, and Cyware Labs.


With a series of interactive meetups conducted in major cities throughout the country, the Redis India Tour 2017 was one of the biggest nation-wide tech event of the year, attended by prominent leaders in the IT industry. There were many insightful sessions covering trends and innovative ways to leverage Redis Labs capabilities. The meetups provided tech leaders the opportunity to network, and share knowledge about ways to use Redis to scale business performance. Sripathi Krishnan, CTO, HashedIn Technologies also conducted a hands-on session for the participants.
School of AI, a community for AI enthusiasts was initiated in September 2018. HashedIn organizes these sessions in partnership with the most influential and innovative leaders in AI to inspire and educate developers. These sessions focus on AI basics, applications and use cases, reinforcement learning, and neural networks. The most recent session centered around Reinforcement Learning and was led by Jaley Dholakiya, Founder at Crazymuse.


HashedIn also hosted BeerUX, a meet up that revolves around technology, design, and startups. The ninth edition of this event witnessed free-flowing discussion among participants over beer, breaking the traditional speaker hierarchy. Passionate startup and product experts shared their experience of building successful products and taking it to the market. The meetup was led by Kshitiz Anand, CEO of Happy Horizons Trust, Aram Bhusal, CEO of 88 Cordials and Deepika Kapoor, India Head – CX Design Solutions at DMI.

Kshitiz says, “In an age of short messages and instant gratifications, we miss out on long deeper meaningful conversations. The BeerUX meetup format is designed to engage with people to discuss innovation, share from experiences and inspire each other.” 
HashedIn aims to conduct many more such tech conferences and events in the coming year to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration to solve some of the biggest challenges in the software sector.
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