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Gifting Company Finds Gold With the Perfect Wedding and Anniversary Gift

Perfico, a leading e-commerce provider of personalized gifts has seen a dramatic rise in the number of purchases of Wine, Champagne, Beer and Whiskey Glasses as the preferred choice of gifts for Weddings and Anniversaries.

It started as a simple product line, where customers would simply request their Name or Initials to be etched on the Glass. On witnessing the initial success of this product line, Perfico decided to push the envelope and offer more intricate designs, and noticed that a large percentage of customers were purchasing them as Wedding or Anniversary Gifts. That was their ‘a-ha!’ moment. They put in a lot of effort to create designs specific to Him and Her, and the rest is history.

They also noticed that most purchases of these Glasses were made within Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, with a small percentage of purchases coming from cities such as Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

They believe that the uniqueness of the Gift along with the fact that it can personalized with the names of the Newlyweds, or Couple makes the Gift stand out amongst the myriad of common gifts that couples usually receive on their Anniversary or Wedding.

All of their Glasses are personalized with the process of etching which is a bit cleaner and smoother than Laser etching which was the most common way of personalizing in days past. The updated process of etching removes the outer layer of glass, but is very smooth to touch and the etching and resulting personalization is permanent and dishwasher proof as well.

With the wedding season quickly approaching, the company is gearing up for the inflow of orders, as they currently promise dispatch of their personalized Glasses within 24 Hours!

About Perfico is an e-commerce provider of personalized Gifts. With a range of 40+ Products, and 1000+ designs they have served over 25,000 customers with their one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family. They currently offer free shipping across India, with 99% of Orders dispatched within 24 Hours.