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Why Buying Bike Insurance Online is Better than Buying it Through a Dealer?

To step out for movies is easy but standing in long queues for tickets is not a present-day trend. Right? Who would do that when you can now buy tickets with just a few clicks online. Though your parents remember how they stood in lines but still purchased tickets in black. As we transcend in life for betterment, these will just become a memory. The internet-enabled world has taken over in each sphere of life. From buying groceries to booking tickets and from banking to purchasing insurance policies everything is done online.

Types of Bike Insurance Policies in India

There are 2 types of bike insurance policies available in India.

  1. Third party bike insurance. Covering third party liability only. This policy covers damages to the third party property, person or a vehicle.
  2. Comprehensive bike insurance – Covering third party liability and own damage to the vehicle. This policy covers damages to own vehicle due to accident, natural calamity, theft, fire, etc. along with third-party liability.

Third party insurance covers

Advantages of renewing bike insurance online Vs renewing from the dealer.

We hardly get time to manage multiple things at a time but we still need to be sure about each of it. About renewing bike insurance let us see which will be better online or dealer.

Particulars Online Policy renewal Renewal through Dealer
Premium You will pay less of a premium because there is no cost involved. There are no middlemen between you and your system. The premium through a dealer will be more because their cost is involved in the premium. Offline or renewing policies through agents will involve their work cost making it expensive.
Approach When renewing online, you can make an individual choice as per your preference. You will be free from any biased approach. An agent,on the other hand, can suggest an insurance company which he prefers. Chances are that the suggestion can be biased.
Promises You can make and decide on any product on your own. Absolutely free from the doubtful proclamation. Agents can be biased and can proclaim high about bike insurance products.
Convenience Renewing bike insurance policy online will be convenient. You can get a comparison together and can evaluate them yourself. Renewing policy through a dealer can be time taking and you will have to depend on the agent’s choice.
Premium Calculation The online premium calculator for every insurer is available. You can compute the premium yourself and make choices for the add-on covers that really fit your requirement. In simple words, you can customize the premium. An agent can push you to renew on terms and conditions to convince you to pay a premium. You may not know the proposed add-on covers. There is less scope of customization.
Clause Read and compare the clauses yourself. You can be free from fear of undisclosed information. Agents may miss on disclosing the clause and necessary information you should know.
No forms Not much lengthy forms of information are needed. It is absolutely different procedure what insurers have. Agents may ask you to fill lengthy forms for renewal. It may be needed if you wish to change the insurance company.
Time-Saving Renewing the Bike Insurance policy online will save time for you. The complete purchase can be made within few minutes. Importantly, you can renew the policy even at midnight. Renewing Bike policy through an agent can be a time taking task. You will be time bound and will have to wait for an agent to collect information for you.


Buy/Sell You can buy the policy yourself as you have complete control. There is a high probability that the agent may sell you a Bike Insurance Policy from the insurance company of his preference. The agent may try to control your decision.


There is a whole paradigm shift in buying bike insurance online The insurers have felt that customers are more comfortable when they buy a policy online instead of through a middleman. It is primarily because of convenience and anytime accessibility.

Gradually, as the acceptance for the internet will increase, the number of customers who will get the renewal online will rise too. The market scenario will change with the coming up of new insurance companies also that majorly operate online.