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What Products Can You Buy Online With Cryptocurrency

If you wonder what cryptocurrency can buy you in real life, the answer is many practical items and some odds and ends. If a consumer can’t find mention of the product they were hoping to purchase, they won’t necessarily be out of luck. Consumers can also leverage a peer-to-peer exchange to purchase the product. Since these platforms are simply a meeting place for buyers and sellers, they may also choose to get the help of a cryptocurrency escrow payment. Here are some of the products you can purchase online with cryptocurrency.

Home improvement products

The well-known online retailer, Overstock, has been among the first websites to accept bitcoin. Users can browse through various lighting packages, storage and organization setups, refrigerators, and home alarms on this website. Once an item is ready for purchase, purchasers can verify their order information and complete their transaction through a bitcoin exchange account or directly with a Bitcoin address. It is important to note that consumers can only buy these products on the platform’s desktop site, not the mobile version.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are among the other household appliances that consumers can purchase on through a similar process.

Computer gaming devices

The platform Newegg offers users a variety of gaming desktops, laptops, monitors, and VR headsets. For more cost-effective options, the platform also provides a variety of refurbished gaming computers. To conduct the transaction, users with a digital wallet software installed directly on their computer can select the button that says “Pay with Bitcoin.” Alternatively, if the purchaser’s smartphone is home to their cryptocurrency wallet, they can use a QR code to fulfill the transaction.


The BitDials platform allows users to purchase various designer and basic belts, ranging in color and texture. Once a consumer has selected which product they would like to purchase, the website directs them to a cryptocurrency payment page. To prevent volatility, customers will have 15 minutes from their order time to send the number of bitcoins specified. If users do not finish conducting the transaction within this time, the order will expire, and users will need to restart the checkout process.

Writing instruments

On the same BitDials platform, users can browse through various writing instruments, including a Chopard LUC Ballpoint Pen and the Chopard Ice Cube Ballpoint Pen. The platform allows consumers to purchase any of these offerings with bitcoin.

Precious metals like gold

Users can also buy tangible precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum bricks or coins. The European Mint accepts payments through a bitcoin payment processor. Alternatively, Bitgild also lets you pay for precious metals directly through your bitcoin wallet. For the user, the process is easy. Users must first convert the order amount into bitcoin. Afterward, they are directed to another page with a QR code for easy payment from the buyer’s bitcoin wallet. The invoice for the purchased precious metals is marked as paid, and the items are sent directly to the customer.

Cryptocurrency apparel

For themed t-shirts, clothing, apparel, and other merchandise, Krypto Threadz might have what you are looking for. The brand creates clothing that stands behind the mission for financial sovereignty and freedom from the central banking system. Purchasing from this brand is believed to help spread the recognition of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Another cryptocurrency merchandise platform is Crypto Cove. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe the company’s custom clothing is among the most fashionable displays of bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and XRP merchandise. The best part is that you can show your support by purchasing your merchandise with cryptocurrency as well.

Faraday bags

GoDark Faraday Bags are known as one of the premium offerings to block cell phone tracking and other EMF signals to protect your electronics’ privacy. A partnership with a bitcoin payment processor that accepts bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash facilitates user’s cryptocurrency transactions.

Bitcoin themed soap

Washing your hands can take a whole new meaning with bitcoin-shaped hemp oil, handmade soap. The Original Bitsoaps continue to be made available from two cryptocurrency enthusiast’s homes in Northern California. Users can take a look through products such as Bitcoin Lavender Castile Soap and Bitcoin Activated Charcoal Hemp Oil Soap with Spearmint and Eucalyptus. Consumers can purchase these soaps with bitcoin, among other traditional payment options.

Classic eyewear

Park and Finch Eyewear is a well-known shop for top-quality prescription eyewear, digital protection glasses, and polarized sunglasses. Glasses are both top quality and affordable, starting at $95 or the equivalent amount in cryptocurrency. Park and Finch also leverage a bitcoin payment processor to accept bitcoin and several other altcoins.

The above is only a partial list of the products you can buy with cryptocurrency. Consumers can still purchase items not on the list with cryptocurrency. The only catch: buyers might have to find a seller willing to accept cryptocurrency. Doing so might not be as hard as you think. After all, cryptocurrency is more popular today than it has ever been before.