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EZVIZ Launches C6N In 2K Quad HD Resolution Camera

Camera also offers 360-degree field-of-view & smart tracking feature.

EZVIZ, India’s leading smart home security brand, has launched its new C6N In 2K QUAD HD security camera catering to medium scale business like Café Owners, Restaurants, Hospitals, Shops, Small Malls etc. Now capable of recording in 2K quality, the device offers users with a wide range of features such as – Smart Night Vision (up to 10m / 33ft.), Motorized Pan and Tilt for 360° Visual Coverage, Sleep Mode for Privacy Protection, Motion Detection Smart Tracking, View from Anywhere Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, Two-Way Talk, the newly launched product covers every corner – all day and all night!

The image quality of the C6N has changed the most as every angle is captured in 2K QUAD HD resolution. This powerful camera boasts a 4x digital zoom for the newest versions, which allows users to view everything clearly in live video and playback. It also records images in 2K resolution, rendering crisp details. The new C6N 2K Quad HD resolution has an advantage over other indoor security cameras with the same resolution thanks to its sensor which has crisp clear picture when compared to those of other home security cameras.

C6N with 2K QUAD HD security camera

The camera has no blind spots because it maintains the same spherical shape and provides a full 360-degree field of view with motorized pan and tilt. The C6N 2K QUAD HD uses infrared lighting to see up to 10 meters distant in the dark while the lights are off.

The C6N employs a micro SD card with a maximum storage capacity of 256GB for storage. Furthermore, it also offers end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. The device is powered by a Micro USB port and connects to the internet using WiFi at 2.4GHz. The C6N uses an H.265 algorithm instead of the C6N’s H.264 compression technology, which offers greater video quality with half the bandwidth and storage.

Speaking on the launch of the new product, Mr. Bipin Gupta, Product Manager, EZVIZ said, – “Indian consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their surroundings which has led to a substantial growth in the popularity of home security systems. We at EZVIZ believe in offering products that address this concern and strive to design cameras to go a step beyond surveillance and also pose as a medium for staying in touch with near and dear ones. The new EZVIZ C6N, which features a 2K QUAD HD camera module, 360-degree visual coverage, smart night vision, with data protection and privacy, was just revealed in line with this vision. The C6N, can be extensively used in “medium scale business like hospitals, café’s, hospital, offices and its utilities.’’

 The new EZVIZ C6N, which has a 2K QUAD HD camera module and 360-degree visual coverage, manages to place emphasis on the camera’s utility and is not only limited to indoor or home security services but also has a wide range of applications in medium-sized businesses like hospitals, cafés, hospitals, offices, etc.

Pricing and Availability:

EZVIZ C6N 2K Quad HD Resolution camera comes only in White color and is priced at ₹4249/-

Available in mobile stores near you.


India’s global smart home security company with a wide range of products designed for consumer and residential use. Founded in 2013 with the goal of providing “easy vision” to every family, which makes simple smart home gadgets that provide visual safety and real joy. EZVIZ’s cutting-edge products and services can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, businesses, and schools. It enables partners to share their unique cloud services and collaborate to create a healthy IoT ecosystem. It’s “Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras” and “Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras” are their most unique selling points, making it ideal for any smart home, business, or other application. The company delivers users with a secure, convenient, and smart existence through its intelligent goods, cloud-based platform, and AI technology.

EZVIZ products are designed to cater to various security needs and be utilised for – toddler monitoring, elderly parents, pets, as well as the indoor and outdoor areas of homes, villas, offices, and businesses. All EZVIZ products are meticulously developed to achieve superior quality, visual appeal, and ease of use. As a result of their work, EZVIZ has won a slew of renowned design accolades. Through exceptional hardware, cloud-native software, and an open service platform, EZVIZ engages with consumers and partners to explore the future of smart living. Furthermore, the cameras are integrated with voice commands which support Alexa, Google Assistance & IFTTT.

As a global brand, EZVIZ is constantly striving to provide high-quality technology and has a large footprint across 130+ countries with 10MN Active Users Monthly.