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Esha Media Launches URLCART

Esha Media is excited to announce the launch of, a url optimization and social media management platform.
“Our focus when developing was to create an indispensable resource that will transform URLs from a destination to a source of information. We wanted to help brands, marketers and other gain some control over the chaotic world of online advertising and marketing,” said Raman Iyer, Director, Esha Media Research Limited.
URLCART’s versatile range of tools will help resolve many of the issues that occur when managing an online campaign. Users will be able to:

  • Quickly shorten urls and generate QR codes directly from the dashboard
  • Run targeted campaigns by creating campaign-specific target audiences and using geo and device targeting filters
  • Build brand awareness with easy-to-use page customization tools that will help them add branding to a generic landing page
  • Boost sales by creating and publishing promotion overlays to the landing page
  • Mange most campaign-centric activities easily through a single location, even when out-of-office
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your campaign with smart targeting with use of pixels
  • Transform your url into an information gathering tool using and gain insights into content effectiveness by tracking clicks, shares, location, devices, demographics and more
  • Generate analytics reports to better understand customer behavior, buying patterns and more
  • Leverage knowledge to optimize campaign content and tweak media buys, thus, increasing campaigns’ reach and impact

For more information about urlcart’s offerings, click here.

URL Cart is a URL optimization and management platform. It helps brands, marketers and individuals shorten URLs, generate QR codes, manage campaigns, auto schedule posts, monitor posts, track reach and generate analytic reports.
UrlCart was conceptualized and developed by Esha Media Research Limited, a professional company managed by media professionals with over a decade of experience in media and technology.​

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