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Emerson Launches Industrial IoT Offerings In India To Help Customers Achieve Top Quartile Performance

Mumbai (December 15, 2016) – Leveraging decades of digital automation expertise, Emerson today launches its Operational Certainty program in India to help industrial companies achieve top performance in safety, reliability, production and energy management. This initiative is supported by Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem designed to deliver Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications that offer measurable business performance improvement.

Emerson’s Operational Certainty is a technology and engineering-based program designed to help industrial companies achieve top performance and recover more than USD 1 trillion in operational losses globally.  With its industry expertise, consulting services, comprehensive automation technologies and Industrial IoT solutions, Emerson is able to help customers extract greater value from their investments.

With this launch, Emerson is also expanding its highly acclaimed Plantweb digital ecosystem, a scalable portfolio of standards-based hardware, software, intelligent devices and services for securely implementing the Industrial IoT with measurable business performance improvement.

First introduced as the industry’s most advanced process control and safety network, Plantweb now expands digital intelligence to the entire manufacturing enterprise, while also providing an architecture for on-premise applications. Plantweb provides a comprehensive framework to help manufacturers achieve Top Quartile performance in the areas of safety, reliability, production and energy management. Top Quartile performance is defined as achieving operations and capital performance in the top 25 percent of peer companies.

According to research by Nasscom and Deloitte, the Internet of Things market in India is expected to grow up to USD 15 billion by 2020, from USD 5.6 billion this year. Furthermore, manufacturing and automotive industries will drive the highest adoption numbers in the Indian IoT market in the next few years. With the number of mobile devices and Internet penetration rising at a steep rate, the opportunity for IoT adoption amongst businesses in the country is a significant one[1].

Amit Paithankar, Managing Director and Vice President, Emerson Automation Solutions in India, commented:  “The digital transformation is in full swing in India, which makes it the right time for us to be future ready. Boosted by the ‘Make in India’ program, India’s manufacturing industry is witnessing a surge in technology adoption to enhance performance, productivity and operational efficiencies. Many Companies are now evaluating which investment option will move the needle on financial performance. Emerson’s Operational Certainty solution provides a clear roadmap and enables us to help customers deliver measurable results to the bottom line. This is just the beginning of the next industrial revolution in India.”

“Emerson has revolutionized the automation landscape with Plantweb, the first field-based digital plant architecture,” said Peter Zornio, Chief Strategic Officer, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Now, we are doing it again by harnessing the power of Industrial IoT to give customers the technology foundation for Operational Certainty.”

Emerson’s recently announced Operational Certainty™ program provides a clear business case for Industrial IoT investment, with an emphasis on targeting specific business challenges and achieving measurable success with limited effort or investments. As business impact is achieved, customers can then scale their adoption based on project return on investment.

“Industrial IoT has huge potential in a market like India, which is betting big on industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, refining and petrochemicals,” said Zornio. “Emerson is delivering that promise today with a compelling, flexible business case in Operational Certainty and the most robust, scalable technology and service platform with the Plantweb digital ecosystem. Emerson is putting the ROI in Industrial IoT.”