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Delta India Industrial Automation New Product Launch 2018 – Developing Indian Market With the Latest Offerings

  • DeltaDelta (IABG) Taiwan R&D and Sales team and the head of Delta India Industrial Automation Business Group, Mr. Manish Walia (middle) at the product launch event


Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG) has just brought a grand new product launch campaign at 4 cities across India: Pune, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad and Chennai from November 14 to 21. Delta showcased it’s new Industrial Automation products with around 600 customers and channel partners during the events, and received an overwhelming response. The campaign successfully developed various new business opportunities for Delta in India.
Mr. Manish Walia, head of Industrial Automation Business Group of Delta India said, “With last year’s positive experiences of the campaign, this year we revealed latest IA products for India market complementing the industrial change and requirements to accomplish the vision of smart manufacturing. In addition to present Delta’s Industrial Automation integration capabilities, it is going to be a great help in developing our target industries and potential customers. Our guests were all very excited about these new products with lively interaction during the events. Delta is committed to support India market together with our partners, and we are confident to say that the new product promotions are going to bring us great success in sales and market development in India in the following years.”
India is one of the world’s top ten economies that covers a huge geographical area.

The textiles, heavy industry, food processing and energy sectors are developing rapidly. Knowing India’s potential, Delta has begun strategic marketing development and business in India since 2003. After four years of developing local markets, Delta initiated the promotion and sale of Industrial Automation products in 2007 under the lead of Manish. With eleven years of focusing on technology, field applications and market development in India, Delta’s Industrial Automation has become widely acknowledged by a broad range of Indian clients who continue to provide positive user experience and feedback. Besides sales and marketing development, Delta is committed to “Make in India” to grow together with Indian partners.  Since the inauguration in 2016, Delta’s plant in Hosur, India has been the key manufacturing base of Industrial Automation products. The new Krishnagiri plant is under construction,  and planned to be completed in 2019 Q3. 
Delta’s IABG Taiwan and India team co-operated to host 4 events in Pune, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad and Chennai in one week. Manish indicated these cities are the clusters of India’s manufacturing and machine making industries, and they are key customers for Delta Industrial Automation. During the events, Delta launched latest products catered for local needs. The Hot Swappable Mid-range PLC Redundancy AH560 Series provides double protection with redundant power, CPU and communication design. It keeps operation stable if one power source crashed, one CPU broken or one communication off-lined. The Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS200 Series features EU Terminal design to save wiring time and installation spaces. Besides the built-in Ethernet, USB and RS-485 communication ports, the AS200 Series offers built-in CANopen function for cost-efficient applications. The Compact Elevator Drive MH300-L is Delta’s new elevator drive specifically designed for India market. Its compact design saves cabinet spaces, and the built-in Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) supports change over delay logic between 3-phase current and UPS backup, keeping elevator operation free from power supply issues.   
This is Delta IABG’s second time to host product launch campaign tour in India. Following the great feedback from 2017, Delta presents a series of latest products this year, including: 

  • Basic Compact Drive ME300 Series
  • Compact Elevator Drive MH300-L Series
  • Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS200 Series
  • Hot Swappable Mid-range PLC Redundancy AH560 Series
  • Industrial Ethernet: IIoT Routers DX3001H9 Series, Ethernet Switches DVS Series
  • Energy Management Solution: Power Meter DPM Series, Industrial Energy Management System DIAEnergie
  • Machine Vision System: Handheld Barcode Scanner DAH Series, Fixed-mount Barcode Scanner DFS Series, Vision Sensor VIS100 Series, Stereo Vision System
  • Temperature and Gas Flow Management: Temperature Controller with new PID Control DTI Series, Intelligent Temperature Controller DTK Series, Gas Flow Meter DFM Series 
  • Smart Sensors: Basic Multifunction Pressure Sensor DPB Series, Area Sensor AS Series, Inductive Proximity Sensor IS Series, Photoelectric Sensor PS Series, Laser Displacement LD Series
  • Industrial Robots: SCARA Robot DRS Series, Delta Articulated Robot DRV Series

In keeping with the geography, climate, traffic situation and customs of India, the four launch events began at 7 pm followed by the cocktail dinner after 9 pm. It extended the discussion and experience-sharing time between attendees and Delta’s sales and R&D team from India and Taiwan. The dinner lasted until late and was a delightful and memorable evening for all the attendees. With the success of the launch events, Delta IABG is set for greater opportunities and achievements in the Industrial Automation markets of India.

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