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CSS Corp Wins Gold at 10th Annual 2018 Golden Bridge Awards

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company, today announced that its cognitive assistant platform Yodaa has been awarded Gold at the 10th Annual 2018 Golden Bridge Awards. The award will be presented in San Francisco on Monday, October 29, 2018, during the red-carpet ceremony.
CSS Corp has built Yodaa to help brands reorient their customer experience approach through an outcome-based model. The company enables organizations to adopt contextual digital strategies and proposes solutions that automate interactions, amplify customer service agents and simplify their operations.
CSS Corp’s Yodaa ties four crucial components of customer lifecycle management:

  1. Customer experience enhancement
  2. Digital journey orchestration
  3. Revenue generation
  4. Outcome-based delivery

The company is investing significantly in its Yodaa platform to help businesses anticipate and resolve customer issues at scale and at manageable costs. The company recently released the enterprise version of the Yodaa platform that focuses on streamlining and modernizing enterprise support operations.
Speaking on the occasion, Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp said, “Brands that master personalization and bring deep, intuitive customer experiences through smarter technology will thrive in the digital future. CSS Corp’s deep capabilities in digital, coupled with our obsessive focus on customer centricity has helped us to offer unique expertise to our clientele and aid in their transformation journeys.”
“This recognition is another milestone in our innovation journey, as we continue to explore new frontiers in creating cognitive solutions for tomorrow’s business problems,” he further added.
Sunil Mittal, EVP & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, CSS Corp said, “Our digital-focused strategy and innovation roadmap has helped us to develop intuitive solutions that identify new revenue opportunities and power growth for our customers. Our cognitive platform Yodaa is born out of this approach, and since its launch, Yodaa has helped us to explore greater personalization in CX, for our clients.”
“We are honored to be recognized by Golden Bridge Awards, and we will continue to push new boundaries in customer excellence through cutting-edge innovation and intelligent technology,” he further added.   

About CSS Corp

CSS Corp is a new age IT Services and technology support company that harnesses the power of AI, automation, analytics, cloud and digital to address customer needs. The company partners with leading enterprises to help realize their strategic business outcomes. Its team of 5,600 technology professionals across 16 global locations are passionate about helping customers differentiate and succeed. For more information please visit

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