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Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing Activities To A Specialized Agency?

  • Are you a business/brand that is confused about whether you should set up your own team or hire a digital marketing agency?
  • Do you know what are some of the problems you can face when setting up your in-house digital marketing team?
  • Have you tried to talk to specialized digital marketing agencies only to feel confused and undecided?

There is no doubt that digital marketing can play a major role in charting a brand’s success story. It can help in reaching new markets, engaging with new customers, and opening up profitable channels for sales.

With so many digital platforms becoming important, the need of the hour is to set up a strong digital presence. The question then is- what is the best way forward?

In this resource article, we will try to answer a question that most brands and businesses ask themselves. If you are the business owner or marketing head of any such business, read on till the end of the article.

Setting up your In-House Digital Marketing Team: What you need to know

Bigger businesses usually want to feel in control of their strategies, policies, and processes. They also have the resources to set up teams from scratch and give them extended timelines when it comes to calculating ROIs.

However, building or setting up a digital marketing team from scratch comes with its fair share of challenges-

  1. You need to invest in the hiring process and all the complications that come with it. This means getting the right professionals to help the teams as well as getting the right kind of support.
  2. In-house teams with little experience of working together cannot get the ball rolling immediately. They would need a lot of time to gel together, understand the working culture and deliver according to the expectations of the organization.
  3. Setting internal teams creates a lot of additional pressure on the businesses’ expenditures and budgets. This can be more solidly utilized in other important areas like R&D, sales channels, and financial accounting.
  4. Troubleshooting digital marketing problems becomes a big headache especially if you do not have a big enough team. You lose crucial time, energy, and resources in identifying and addressing problems.
  5. Coordination also becomes a major issue when the digital marketing team starts working with the different verticals or the organization. This causes tensions, unnecessary strife and compromises productivity.

Why Outsourcing Digital Marketing might be a Better Option for Businesses?

Most digital marketing experts recommend that given the breadth of functions digital marketing comprises, it is best to perhaps outsource the work to an expert agency. The reasons for the same are as follows-

  1. More Experience and Awareness about the Ecosystem-

Most of the best agencies are already working in the field for several years. They already have strategies in place for different business niches. This experience comes in handy when it comes to executing strategies or carrying out successful ad campaigns.

  1. A Cheaper and Affordable Option-

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you are paying them for the work and not their salaries. In other words, a social media monthly retainer will cost you less than paying for the salaries of four professionals who are working on your account.

  1. Agencies are In-Sync with the Latest Trends-

As the agencies need to keep improving themselves, they have stellar awareness when it comes to being aware of the latest trends. For example, if the agency is aware of the latest digital marketing trends in Singapore, it can run better strategies and effective campaigns.

  1. Quick to Troubleshoot Problems-

An agency is not five or ten people in a company. This means that no matter what kind of digital marketing issues you are facing, they will have a person ready to tackle it head-on. This removes problems as soon as they happen and ensures smooth work delivery.

  1. Better ROI Delivery and Expectations-

As a business, you might not be able to push your in-house team in the same way as an agency. This can lead to a compromise in terms of the work delivery and final ROIs. If you are serious about getting results from digital marketing, you need to outsource to a specialized agency.

The Final Word

As a business, you cannot compromise on not having a digital marketing strategy in place. We hope that we have been able to put to rest some important questions and debates on the topic. If you have any more questions on hiring a digital marketing agency, let us know in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help you out on your search.