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Proxy Benefits for Instagram Marketing

Are you looking to grow Instagram accounts and make a bank from them later? If that is the case, you may find that it is not as easy to attract followers unless you are willing to invest a lot of money.

Of course, there are a lot of ways of how you can approach the problem of growing the accounts. And the more different methods you try, the higher your odds of success are.

Proxies could be one of the methods you ought to consider. And if you want to find out how you can benefit from them for your Instagram campaign, continue reading.

Definition of Proxy

A proxy can be defined as a gateway that allows you to access a website without using your real IP address. You are going to gain an entirely different IP address and not have issues registering another account.

When you are looking to purchase an Instagram Proxy, look for the best provider for your needs. There are plenty of services that will offer proxies. However, since you will be spending money on them, make sure that you end up with the best possible option.

Also, do not bother with free proxies. Those are too prone to various problems and are overused by too many people, which significantly slows it down and causes random disconnects.

The Problem of Instagram

Trying to grow an account on Instagram organically could prove to be more difficult than you first anticipated. Some people go as far as purchasing fake followers and likes with expectations of things to pick naturally.

The problem is that if there is no organic engagement in the first place, the chances of an account receiving attention are very slim. Moreover, if your first idea does not succeed, and you want to retry, registering a different account on the same IP address is not going to happen. It will not be too long before you are restricted and cannot even access Instagram anymore.

Why You Need Instagram Proxies

There is an argument to be made about how you can go with regular proxies, not ones for Instagram. Nevertheless, Instagram proxies exist for a reason.

First of all, you can narrow down your search if you are looking for Instagram proxies in particular. It will save you time that would go to waste looking at a list of all the available proxy services.

Instagram proxies are also more reliable in some cases. For example, using a proxy service that is used for general needs means higher chances of getting banned. You can never be certain about what someone will use the IP address for. And unless you are willing to purchase the whole subnet, you will have to rely on other users.

Managing Multiple Accounts


Using a bot or any other service on the same IP will not end up well if you are looking to run multiple accounts at the same time. On the other hand, having access to multiple different IP addresses, thanks to a proxy, will allow you to create a network of Instagram accounts.

Do be wary about dynamic IPs as some proxy services offer those as a feature. But this particular feature could backfire if Instagram notices activity on the same account from different IP addresses.

Proxies should also speed up browsing speed and allow you to access restricted websites if your ISP provider or the government has set some restrictions.

Localization of Accounts

\Localization tags are more or less imperative if you are looking to attract a specific demographic to the Instagram account and turn these people into followers. Targeting random people will not get you anywhere, especially if the goal is to make money in the future.

You will not be able to change an account’s localization settings without living in the area. On the other hand, Instagram keeps tabs on your IP address. So if you are using a US IP and live somewhere else, everything will be fine so long as you are accessing Instagram with the right proxy.

Finding the Best Proxies

How does one go about finding the best proxies? Well, if you were to search for services that offer online privacy, including proxies, you will likely be overwhelmed by the available choices.

These services are in high demand. Given how things are developing in the world with all the cybersecurity threats, it should not be that surprising.

As far as the prices go, there should not be that much of a difference. Like already mentioned, do not bother with free proxies.

Try to get some recommendations from people you know and trust. If you do not have anyone like that, look for reviews online. And do not be afraid to spend some money to test things out as proxies are relatively cheap and come in bulk. So even if things are not going to work out at first, it will not be the end of the world.

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