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How To Reach Out To Customers As Efficiently As Possible 

There are two ways of opening a door: either you push or you pull. No matter how hard you try, if the door needs to be pulled, you’ll never open it by pushing it. 

In every field in life, there are right approaches and wrong approaches. Needless to say, this includes reaching out to customers. 

More often than not, new businesses erroneously apply the inappropriate approach when interacting with clients. If this happens to you, do not worry. Here we’ll provide examples of how to efficiently approach your customers. 


Newsletters are one of the most efficient forms of staying connected with your customers. After all, clients are just two clicks away from your official website. If customers subscribe to your newsletters, you are providing awareness of your product, service, and company’s mission with every article or news you send every week. 

On top of that, a newsletter feels friendly and not at all invasive. Your business is present, but it doesn’t suffocate the customer.

Don’t forget that quality content is key for a successful newsletter. If you don’t engage your audience with relevant information, then you can expect them to blatantly ignore your newsletter. Therefore, provide something appealing. If they believe your content is worth the subscription, they’ll end up purchasing your products sooner or later. 


Trust and reputation go hand in hand. You need both to reach customers and succeed in business. So, what’s better than earning new customers’ trust thanks to your old customers’ opinions? 

In other words, testimonials and reviews function as credibility. On your business’ website, you must have testimonials at hand. Let the positive messages be one of the very first things your new customers notice. 

When they read positive reviews, they are reading the second piece of information: “This product works! I paid for it, and it worked! It is trustworthy!” So, do not underestimate the power of references and recommendations. 

Verified Business Caller   

Direct calls have been the number one client contacting method for decades. Other than face-to-face meetings, it is the fastest (and thus, most effective) approach to reaching a client. 

Unfortunately, as a result of plenty of scams and spam calls, customers hesitate to answer their phones whenever they receive a call from an unknown number. Of course, this impedes reaching the client successfully, even if the business is legitimate. 

The solution is getting a verified business caller ID. According to experts at Saicom, a verified number improves call efficiency and drastically increases response rates. After all, it is common to be suspicious of strangers. On the contrary, a verifier icon next to the name of the company had the opposite effect. 

Lottery and Contest 

Everybody loves games. They awake our inner child as we recall pleasant memories from the past. Therefore, you could use these ideas to attract new customers. 

Encourage your followers to get involved in a photo contest, for example. If they share a picture with one of your products on their Instagram stories, they are participating for the chance of winning a juicy prize. This way, new followers will want to participate too. 

After all, who would let go of the opportunity of winning something for free? Naturally, it’s a way of creating free publicity. Also, consider how fast and easy it is to share a caption on social media, and how fast that information travels. 

You’ll reach thousands of customers in the blink of an eye. 


Focus on your existing customers. They are valuable sources of information. After all, they already decided your product or service was better than the competition. If anything, they believed it was worth trying. Nonetheless, you never know the reasons that lead to the outcome. 

Was it your witty publicity? Was it your catchy slogan? Was it because of someone else’s recommendation? Did they discover your business thanks to the newsletter? Or was it due to a social media contest? 

All of these questions should be posed to your existing audience. Let them share their experiences. That way, they’ll reveal facts and details that you could use in the future. 

If all your satisfied clients answered that they discovered your brand thanks to a direct telephone call, then you know that direct calls are efficient. 

If, on the contrary, no one mentioned your radio publicity, then maybe it is time to get rid of it and stick with what really worked. 

Sometimes, customers are hard to reach. After all, everyone is unique and will require unique approaches. What works for some people may not work at all for others. With this in mind, it is wise to try every source you have at hand. That way, you’ll discover which tools are the most efficient.