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How To Raise Data Privacy Awareness In Your Workforce? Follow These Tips

Up until recently, a lot of companies have celebrated Data Privacy Day, which is generally great. But what’s even better is the fact that firms all around the world do not want to talk about data privacy on that day only but throughout the whole year.

That’s of extreme importance because every single member of any business must be aware of the fact of how essential data privacy is and what can be done to secure it. Therefore, it’s crucial for everyone to constantly be reminded of it.

Raise Data Privacy Awareness In Your Workforce

One of the best ways to do so is to do everything that’s in your power to raise data privacy awareness. Luckily, there are a plethora of ways to do that, and today we will enumerate some. Let’s check them out together!

Effective Ways To Raise Data Privacy Awareness In Your Firm 

Training Is Always Welcome!

This should definitely be the first step that you’re going to take. Namely, training for employees is supposed to cover the important regulations within the certain industry, regarding data protection, the best practices that are in place in the business, the policies, and how compliance with them is supposed to be covered. During the training, employees must learn how to make the difference between data privacy and data security.

Besides that, there are other numerous topics that must be covered, starting from reporting, data privacy laws, data categorization as well as training that will help workers identify scams and find ways to prevent them.

Write For The Firm Newsletter

Lots of companies are prone to writing a newsletter that usually gets circulated through the offices. Namely, this is an amazing opportunity to talk about all relevant privacy-related topics to workers at regular intervals.

For instance, you can utilize it to write articles on numerous topics regarding privacy, like the importance of keeping any personal information private, mentioning tips that can help your employees protect their personal info, and listing the consequences of not complying with privacy procedures and policies.

And That’s Not Everything That Needs To Be Mentioned

Profile Your Privacy Professionals

A vast majority of workers are not familiar with anything that’s related to the IT industry, privacy or security, but we are positively sure that there is someone in your company who is an expert when it comes to these things.

Or at least, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Therefore, if that’s the case, then you should contact an individual that is familiar with data privacy and information security. Why is this important?

Well, as soon as you contact that expert, you should ask him or her to talk to your employees and provide them with different useful information concerning data breaches, compliance programs, and regulations. That’s something that everyone can benefit from and that will help them see the bigger picture.

Collaborate With Other Teams To Uncover “Hidden” Employee Data

It can be pretty challenging to secure employee information if you’re not properly managing who has access to worker records. Even though HR and Payroll normally hold the vast majority of employee data, in some cases others are capable of accessing particular private information as well.

Certainly one of the most efficient ways to uncover these hidden sources of employee data is by talking to other teams across your company. By collaborating with them, you can share all your most effective practices and reveal what personal employee data the team is gathering.

You will soon realize that meeting with other sectors has given you a better insight into who has access to employee data and the things they can do with this personal information. After that, you should begin with process mapping to track all the relevant info that you’ve uncovered in the process. 

Talk About The Consequences Of Failing To Comply With Procedures & Policies

Unfortunately, you can still stumble upon people who do not take things seriously when it comes to anything of this type. But we cannot stress enough how essential it is for employees to learn all about the policies and procedures and why it’s crucial for them to understand and follow them.

For instance, if your business employs a document destruction policy to instruct your workers to shred all documents that are loaded with sensitive information, you can always mention news stories where workers have contributed to a privacy breach by throwing paperwork into a dumpster instead of utilizing the shredder. 

Raising awareness about anything isn’t always easy, especially when we’re talking about larger companies where a lot of people must be taught different things, however, as you can see, with just a few steps, everything can be done easily.