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How to Let the World Know Your Business is Hiring

In the aftermath of the furlough scheme, the UK jobs scene is booming. But it’s a seeker’s market – you may have a number of positions open and no viable applicants approaching you. So, how can you let everyone know you are hiring, and draw the right candidate in the process?

Tailor Your Job Specifications

Ahead of advertising any positions, review the specifications carefully. In order to attract the right kind of talent, you need to show the best of your company, its message and its dynamic from the off. This way, your job spec can do more than provide the necessary criteria. It can also sell your company to candidates who may be in high demand – and put you ahead of others.

Speak to Recruiting Agencies

By only posting your available positions on your company’s site, you may find yourself struggling to attract enough quality applications. This is where the services of a professional can come in handy. Speak to an advisor with a recruitment agency that specialises in your sector, or in the skilled roles for which you are hiring. Those recruiters can get your vacancy in front of the right people, for a small fee – and get you quickly on the road to a full cohort of trained staff.

Leverage Your Social Media Accounts

You may be used to the idea of utilising your social media accounts for marketing campaigns and customer outreach – but they can benefit your business in other ways. Don’t be afraid to cast out for talent on your social media platforms, whether through a tweet or an Instagram post. 79% of applicants use social media to supplement their job search, making it a particularly valuable resource to you. Plus, those who follow you have a registered interest in your product or service, increasing your engagement and likelihood of gaining suitable and enthused candidates.

Network Directly on LinkedIn

Rather than a social media platform, LinkedIn can be considered a networking tool – with a pool of professionals, employed, unemployed and self-employed, to whom you can market your upcoming opportunities. Again, you can target certain demographics, but much more than that: you can headhunt. By directly networking with specific individuals, you can invite candidates to interview – including those who already have positions but are willing to consider new offers.

Visit Jobs Fairs

Jobs fairs can be an especially useful way to attract talent to your business, especially if your positions are entry-level or require specific qualifications. By hiring a stall, bringing a laptop and investing a little in marketing materials such as branded, personalised banners for your business, you can attract potential candidates to your stall and foster new talent.

Examine Archived CVs

The best candidate could be right under your nose. Your HR department may have archived CVs from previous unsuccessful applicants, so take a look through them and see if any might be viable candidates for your available positions.