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How To Better Express Yourself Through Texting

Many businesses in the modern world have adopted the technique of SMS marketing to engage their customers. According to research, SMS marketing is the most effective way to contact your customers. Compared to other marketing media, SMS has the highest open rate of 82%, while over 90% of the recipients read the messages within three minutes after they receive them. However, not all marketing text messages are written the same. There are several tips you need to employ to improve your SMS marketing techniques. The list explained below gives you some of the tips you should consider:

Create A Good Team For SMS Marketing

It is not always easy to do SMS marketing on a daily basis. The best way is to create a team of professional marketers that will help you to reap most of your marketing targets. You may need such experts as marketing program experts, location coordinators, promotion specialists, creative designers, retail experts, and social media experts, among others. By coordinating all these areas, you will get the maximum benefits out of your marketing strategies. Additionally, you will also need a good bulk SMS messaging platform.

Understand Your Customers

You need to do a critical analysis of your customers in terms of various demographic factors. Getting the right details about your customers will help to ensure that you send the appropriate messages to the relevant customers. For instance, you can customize your messages according to your customer’s age, locations, gender, or other demographic categories. 

Use Perfect Timing

Immediacy is one of the essential things when using SMS marketing. Most people take up to three minutes to read a new message. Therefore, one of the essential text messaging marketing tips is to consider is the use of perfect timing. According to renowned SMS providers, it is ineffective to send SMS to customers too late or too early. Always ensure that you send messages to the customers between 8 am and 9 pm. Also, some marketing specialists insist that you can time when your audience is idling around. Lunch break, for example, or hours after office hours are ideal. When you choose to work with such a timeframe, it means that your audience is more likely to receive and open your texts. 

Keep Your Messages Humorous

Using SMS marketing is the most personal and informal way to engage your customers. Thus, it is an ideal way to promote engaging campaigns. You can use this as an opportunity to deliver humor and memorable fun to your customers. You should also feel free to use short forms of words such as “txt” or “ur,” among others. However, ensure you do not use too much of such terms to the extent of making it hard to read or interpret your messages. Alternatively, you can use a variety of stickers to spice up your messages. You can get these stickers from the Messages App Store.

Instill Urgency In Your Messages

As pointed out, immediacy is one of the critical benefits of SMS marketing. It would help if you took advantage of this fact. Creating a sense of urgency is one of the ways you can attract the attention of your readers. It also prompts customers to take action.  In case you are giving out offers to your customers, ensure that you use such phrases as “today only,” “Valid Till,” and “Expires Soon,” among other words to call your customers to action.

Always Send Valuable Messages To Your Customers

Sending valuable messages to your subscribers is one of the essential things to consider. Your messages should be worth reading by your customers and always related to your brand. The messages should also be unique and compelling. Your messages should not be the ones that appear on your billboards, Televisions, and other advertisements. Besides, it is always essential to ensure your customers feel special. Therefore, most of your beautiful and unique offers should be communicated to your customers through SMS. By making the messages unique and personalized, your customers will always feel valued and keep them subscribed to your brand.  

Measure The Performance Of Your Messaging Campaign

Measuring the results of your SMS campaigns is another tip that you can use to improve your campaign. You can measure several results produced by the messaging technique. For example, you may want to know the number of subscribers that respond to your messages. You may also categorize the responses into positive and negative see which ones are most frequent. By measuring the performance, you can have an idea of the areas you need to improve and the ones you need to emphasize.