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Business Photographer: What to Look For and How to Hire

Life consists of moments, some good that you want to remember, and others you would rather forget. Pictures capture those memories and stories that we wish to retain. A Photographer captures life’s events using a camera and documents them on paper or any other printable material or digital form. As a business owner, the last thing you want is to hire a photographer who will not only take the wrong shots but mess up the good image of your business. This post will help you make the right decision.

Finding The Right Business Photographer

When looking for the right photographer to work with, you will need to consider the following:

#1. Credentials

You need to look at the photographers’ credentials and their background. Although most of the professional ones have photography training, some do not. In this situation, you can ask them about their experience in the industry and client portfolio. Their work will also speak for them.

#2. Specialities

A photographer’s expertise is the most crucial point in the search for a photographer. The different photography types include photojournalists, lifestyle photographers, sports photographers, and editorial photographers. Did you know that lifestyle photographers possess the power to make your business thrive even in a pandemic? That’s why you need to ensure that the photographer’s speciality suits your business requirements.

#3. Equipment

Besides having the experience and expertise, you should consider the kind of equipment a photographer uses during their photoshoots. The kit is an essential point because the wrong equipment will produce pictures that are not up to standard and disappoint you in the process.

#4. Editing

Many photographers use photoshop and lightroom to polish up a picture that didn’t turn out well these days. Even though they tell you it is style, do not go along with this. It is an indication of shoddy quality work on the photographer’s part, and to some extent, laziness.

To confirm the photographer is good at their job, ask them to show you some unedited pictures they have taken to show you how much they do or don’t rely on editing.

#5. Portfolio

When perusing through a list of photographers for your business, go through several photographers’ backgrounds, checking out their work quality and looking for testimonials from previous clients, as well as checking their portfolios whether product photography, wedding, prenup shoots, etc. The photographer’s speciality should be in sync with the type of business you need to hire them.

#6. Costing

Various factors determine the photoshoot cost, such as the time taken to complete the shoot and any travel that might be needed. The type of equipment that will be used will also be taken into account.

Compare the prices of various photographers, about three or four, before you make your decision.

#7. Contract Terms

When negotiating the payment, go through the contract first, taking a close look at the photographer’s policies on cancellations, overtime, terms of usage, and liabilities. You could request to see another client’s contract for comparison purposes.

#8. Personality

Do not ignore the photographer’s personality. The work may be good, but if they rub you wrong, you will not enjoy the experience and remember mood affects the end product. If the photoshoot involves other peoples’ participation, poor people skills on the photographer’s part can ruin the whole shoot.

The Hiring Process

When you have decided on the photographer you would like to work with, you can go ahead with the hiring process. Here are some great tips to help you with this process:

Discuss the fees the photographer will charge you and negotiate on the amount to match your budget. Make sure this part is agreed upon by both of you.

Another crucial point you need to discuss is the copyrights to the pictures produced. You will need a great site to check the legalities of digital work. Although the photographer has rights to his work, you own those photos and decide what to do with them.

When signing the contract, ensure that you have gone through all the details and terms, thoroughly understanding it. Be very meticulous here as many clients get a raw deal because they didn’t peruse the contract before signing it.

You may also clarify expectations by both parties by coming up with a “Terms of Reference” document attached to the contract. This document will remove any grey areas that are likely to create issues during the shoot.

In Summary

Remember that photographs are meant to capture the correct moments and the perfect shots for your business. They are also designed to give a story that will mean something to you and others. Those memories and stories will stay with you for a long time, so make them worth your while.