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Building Trust with Video for Law Firms

Establishing a rapport with potential law firm clients lays the foundation for a mutually beneficial professional relationship. The challenge lies in building trust when much of modern life is characterized by manipulation, fabrication, and even some bald-faced lies.

Invest your time and money in the right law firm video service and you’ll be able to create video content to develop trust that paves a path toward profitable relationships. Here’s how to do it.

Video Marketing has Emerged as an Essential Marketing Conduit

It wasn’t long ago when law firms primarily relied on word-of-mouth advertising to connect with new clients. Times have changed. Today’s marketing for law firms combines the more traditional word-of-mouth approach with inbound digital tactics. In particular, video marketing through online channels is especially important for connecting with new clients.

There is a common misconception that video marketing is strictly limited to YouTube. Though a YouTube page for your law firm is certainly important, it is only one piece of the video marketing puzzle. Your law firm will also benefit from videos added to its social media pages ranging from Twitter to Meta (Facebook) and other platforms. Regularly update your video content with brief video clips detailing:

  • Your law firm’s value offering
  • Successful cases
  • Firm updates
  • The merits of your attorneys

Continue to post new video content and you’ll enjoy a steady influx of new business.

Video Marketing Does More Than Create an Initial Impression

It is often said that all publicity is good publicity in the context of business. However, generating brand awareness is only one of several reasons to build trust through video marketing. Video marketing also steers traffic from social media platforms to your webpage.

Embed additional video content on your homepage and practice area pages, regularly post to your blog, and prominently feature your firm’s contact information. This comprehensive approach ensures each piece of information presented to the public through overt and covert marketing reinforces the merits of your firm and generates more leads.

Video Marketing

Potential Clients are Partial to Video

Content has been and will continue to be king in the context of online marketing. However, presenting simple, plain text to your target audience will not suffice. Complement your blog posts, social media posts, and webpage text with fresh video content. The best law firm videos feature attorneys, paralegals, and satisfied clients. Such smiling faces establish a rapport with prospective clients, making it clear that the firm’s value offering has legitimate merit.

Ideally, your video content will also reveal the interior of your law firm office. Showcasing how your office looks takes down the psychological barrier that may stand between your firm and new clients. A potential client provided with an inside look at the firm and its staff is that much more likely to convert into a paying client or, at the bare minimum, one who is willing to schedule a consultation with the firm for an initial case review.

Get the Word Out

Posting the occasional video to your website, social media or another component of your law firm’s online footprint will not automatically attract internet traffic. Part of the challenge of inbound marketing is raising awareness of your firm. You can steer online traffic toward your videos and other content through search engine optimization (SEO).

Add video titles, captions, and descriptions that contain relevant keywords and key phrases. Promote your recently posted videos by adding them to your social media page and other web-based channels to expand your audience all the more. If your videos are creative, funny, or compelling, they will motivate your online followers to share the clips with friends, family, coworkers, and others in their social circles on the web.

Diversify Your Video Content

Put yourself in the position of a potential client interested in your legal services. He or she finds one of your videos, surfs the web over to your homepage, a service page, or another one of your socials, and sees additional video content. If the entirety of your law firm’s video content is uniformly presented with the same style and approach, the prospective client will tune out your message.

As an example, it is in your firm’s interest to post a wide variety of videos as opposed to a steady stream of client testimonial videos. Mix in explainer videos to tell the audience what your firm is about and how its legal services help clients. Incorporate educational videos into the mix to teach the target audience about the basics of your firm’s areas of practice. A combination of different video styles makes it clear that your law firm is an authority in its legal niche and worthy of client trust.

Above all, recognize the importance of pulling back the curtain of your law firm to reveal what the office looks like and how your team works. Mix in question-and-answer videos to alleviate prospective clients’ concerns and directly address common questions. Such insightful video content knocks down those rigid walls standing between target clients and your firm, building the trust that is essential for starting a professional relationship that proves mutually beneficial to your firm and clients.