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Build Your Customer Base with an Outstanding Website

No business can become successful without customers. Building a large customer base is invaluable to your company, but it’s not always about quantity, quality is crucial. Having high sales due to frequent one time buyers will bring your profit, but a loyal customer base is even more valuable.

What is a Customer Base?

A customer base refers to the customers that repeatedly use your business and these customers are your businesses primary income source; they need to be nurtured.

All businesses start off with little, or no customers and so building a customer base takes time and money as individuals need to be satisfied with their experiences in order for them to become loyal.

In an age where online platforms have taken over the business world, ease and convenience are of top priority to most consumers and a website can be the key to maintaining and even building a strong customer base for your business. Whether you need to give your website a spruce or are looking to create one, there are so many options to help you, choose the best ecommerce website builder for you and get started on taking your business to the next level.

Ecommerce allows your business to be open 24/7 and available anywhere. A strong online presence is of growing importance to businesses, with over 60% of purchases starting online and the majority of consumers preferring to shop online. Businesses have taken full advantage of this popularity and it has become possible to do almost anything on a smartphone or computer, from clothes to food.


Get personal with your customers. Allow your customers to create accounts or sign up to receive emails informing them of…

  • New products
  • Offer/deals
  • Blog content

Free newsletters help your business inform customers about your business as and when they occur, forming trust between the two. Customers develop a deeper understanding of your brand, as well as emails acting as a reminder for them to visit your website by sourcing them with relevant content that they can resonate with, based on their purchase history. This adds value to your service and makes customers feel valued; improving their overall experience with your business. They trust you and are therefore loyal.


It’s all well and good to give customers what you think they want, but giving them what they truly need can add unimaginable value to your business. Your website is the perfect platform to receive customer feedback.

You can ask site visitors to fill out a simple survey to help you understand how they found their experience and what could have improved their satisfaction. Knowledge provided by a survey can help your business iron out kinks that hinder sales or experiences, from more information required or easier navigation, this information could not only improve the experience of potential customers, but also makes the existing users feel valued.


Although ecommerce is booming, not everyone is tech-savvy and so some users may need support or guidance. Whether they are placing their first order, or their fifth, each customer needs to be provided with continued support to avoid them leaving the site and choosing a competitor.

A live chat or contact number are easily added to your website and lead to happy customers that are likely to spread the word about their positive experience with your business.

An added benefit to customer support is the access to deeper customer information. Queries and complaints can help you to better your website and enhance experiences for all users.

Social Media

Websites aren’t the only platform utilized by business to stay relevant in the digital age, social media is an ever growing platform and over the past decade, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others have become tools for businesses to raise awareness and gain customers.  Social media is no longer just a platform for friends to share pictures of the selves, it has become one of the biggest methods used by businesses to reach customers, billions of pounds have been poured into these campaigns and enlisting popular users to build awareness.

Linking to your platforms helps reach a multitude of different audiences and help keep your business relevant and show that you are keeping up with the trends and your competitors.