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Updates At The Speed of Progress: Are You Using the Best Communication Software for Your Business?

The key to workplace efficiency is effective communication. Irrespective of industry or even the size of the organization, you want your staff enjoying barrier-free communication as it enhances collaboration and increases team productivity. Communication is also critical to personal growth and would allow your employees to flourish within and outside the team.

The problem, however, is the implosion of communication tools. Thanks to technology, we now have hundreds of unique communication tools designed to help improve communication at the modern workplace.

Since you cannot use all these tools, we decided to round up four of the most important communication tools you need to consider for seamless, cost-effective communication within your team.

Social intranet software

An intranet is a private internet that can only be accessed by authorized persons within the business or organization. Often embedded within content management systems, these private hubs are mainly used for internal communication and collaboration. The hub would allow each member stay up to date with developments at the organization while reducing the need for paperwork. Social intranets also make it easier for new employees and interns to integrate into the team. They can quickly begin talking to others within the organization and even make a few friends in the process.

Chat and private messaging apps

Chat and private messaging apps work excellently where employees collaborating on a project are spread across different geographical locations. Real time SMS notifications, for instance, keep everyone on the same page, files can be shared instantly and conversations saved and accessed later if need be, and discussions are in general a lot more productive because opinions can be shared in real time. The even greater news is that you can have a special chat or messaging environment developed for that specific project.

Internal blogs

Increasingly gaining popularity, internal blogs are another great communication tool for two reasons. First, bogs allow employees to express themselves and share their expertise. With competition really stiff out there, such a public expression of individual expertise can only help your organization. Customers will look at the posts and feel that you indeed have the kind of experience and skill they are looking for. Secondly, allowing employees to express their talent and skills publicly is one of the best ways to motivate them. They will feel that their talent is appreciated.

Discussion forums

Although discussion forums are not new tech, they are still some of the most effective communication tools at an organization. First off, discussion forums bring together everyone at the organization, from C-Level management to employees at the lowest level. Secondly, forums are open to any and all discussions. Any topic is welcome. This makes it easier to identify and address potential bottlenecks within the organization. Finally, discussion forums typically serve as an archive for organizational knowledge that can be used by anyone as reference.

There are many other great organizational communication tools out there including case tracking, ticketing, and internal video sharing application. But the four discussed here would give you a solid foundation for organization growth.