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7 Benefits Of Starting A YouTube Channel For Your Business

Do you believe that starting a YouTube channel is not a good marketing strategy for your business? Let us outline the ways in which you can start your own channel and benefit from YouTube – the second largest search engine at present.

Connect To People All Over The World

Your business can expand exponentially when you connect to people all around the globe. This wouldn’t be possible with any other medium but YouTube.

Research has found that more than 80% of YouTube users prefer watching videos with closed-captions even when they have no hearing problems. Including closed-captions will benefit your business as well since you will be able to connect with people with different requirements. Starting a YouTube channel and ensuring that you have closed-captions means you can get more than four per cent more views when compared to posting videos without closed-captions.

Generating High Traffic Is Possible

There are already more than one billion YouTube users at present and this number is only increasing. So you can imagine the amount of traffic! This means that, even if a few of these people watch your videos, you will still have a lot of traffic. Starting a YouTube channel enables you to have better reach than TV. Google’s research points to evidence that 60% of people prefer to watch videos online rather than watch TV. You can create videos of various different kinds including customer stories, training videos, explainer videos, and webinars.

Content Is Always Available

Your content idea doesn’t have to be limited to one medium. That is, you can easily reuse the same idea and present it differently in different formats. In fact, this is an effective strategy that many businesses use. For example, let’s say you have written a blog post. You can use the same idea and produce a video and upload it on YouTube. This makes starting a YouTube channel much easier as you can work on the same idea in unique ways. Moreover, you don’t have to invest a lot to do this and you can engage customers in a better way.

Get Better ROI

Videos are powerful and you know when you see a great one, it stays on your mind. It’s no wonder that it has been found that 78% of businesses get better ROI when they use videos as part of their marketing strategy. Starting a YouTube channel and ensuring that you upload amazing videos is a good way to get started. You can then go on to use other platforms that help support YouTube videos that you have posted already. Your business will benefit since YouTube’s algorithm suggests related videos and yours can be one of them. This can help generate a lot of traffic to your channel and your business.

Videos give you a better ROI.

Promotion By Audience

Videos can connect with you on a personal level. Similarly, when you’re starting a YouTube channel you can aim to connect with people at an emotional level to build trust. Your sales will increase when you give your audience easy access to buy your products. You can add links so that people can directly go and buy from your store. For example, if you own a Shopify store, then you can have a link to your Shopify store on YouTube so people can directly purchase from there.

Viral Marketing

The potential of viral videos is huge. You can use viral marketing as a way to increase leads and sales. Starting a YouTube channel enables you to do just that. You can think of strategies that make people want to share your videos with others. For example, you can embed your content in blogs or share the links to a video on a discussion forum. When the audience finds that you have something unique to share, they won’t think twice before sharing it. You can do this by communicating with your audience emotionally.

YouTube Helps You Rank Better

Have you noticed that when you’re searching for something on Google, it shows you one video result at the top of the page? This means the video is becoming a more popular medium of understanding things. Starting a YouTube channel and connecting to your audience through valuable content means you’re more likely to be found on Google. This will increase your ranking. When users research for something, most people click only on the results that are shown on the first page. When you rank higher, the chances of more traffic increase.

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing strategies. Once you start posting great videos, connect to people on an emotional level, and post regularly, you are good to go!