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5 Tips on How to Use a Blog to Promote Your Business

Whether you are launching a new business or looking for ways to promote an established company, learning about content marketing using blogs is essential.

Blog posts can be powerful tools to help you get more customers and drive growth. Moreover, this is also one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing. 

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Here are a few tips to enhance your blog marketing campaigns. 

Set Clear Goals 

For a promotional campaign to be a success, it needs a specific, well-detailed approach. This is possible only by having a clear vision of the desired outcome. When the goal is set, the marketing campaign can adapt accordingly. 

For instance, let’s say you have two goals in mind – one, to get new customers, and the second, to encourage existing customers to buy a product. With the first goal, the priority is to reach a wide range of target audiences. And for the other, you might already have an email list of existing customers you can work with. This is why it is vital to set goals first. 

Secondly, you should also know who your target audience is. Suppose you are selling products that cater to young audiences such as students. In that case, you can try paid advertisements on popular academic platforms such as papers writing service or social media channels such as TikTok. On the other hand, if you are trying to get the attention of adults in their 30s, switch to well-known content publishing websites. 

The same logic applies to blog posts too. The type of content you build and the narrative style will vary depending on the goal and the target audience. How you write about the launch of a new product would be entirely different from writing an educational blog post that’s meant to last for a few years. 

Employ SEO

Creating a blog page and filling it with authentic, credible content have proved to be an effective promotional strategy. Moreover, it’s low-cost. However, unlike paid marketing, for blog content, SEO is essential to be ranked top on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). 

This is because Google, and other search engines, look for cues to ensure that the blog post is credible and best related to the topic. This means that you will have to integrate search engine optimization into your pages. Let’s say you are writing on “7 countries to visit during winter months”: in this case, you should ensure that the content answers the most searched questions related to the topic. 

Not to worry, there are many SEO tools that can help you with this, and they are perfectly suitable for complete beginners. 

To establish your blogs as reliable sources, you should also make sure they are well-researched. You can link your blog post to other credible sources to improve the reputation of your website. 

Combine Multiple Marketing Channels

Below are the six most popular ways to use blog posts to promote a business. 

  • Digital paid advertising – in this strategy, you won’t be using your own site. Instead, you might be paying for ad space on popular blog sites. Paid advertisements can help your business reach the target audience, build brand awareness, and even drive sales. 
  • Email marketing is another way to send promotional offers directly to potential and existing customers. However, emails could contain links to your blog, offering valuable content and persuading customers to make a purchase. You can get customers’ email addresses by enticing them to sign up on your website for a free subscription. This way, you can send them newsletters with brand updates, promotions, sales offers, and more. You can also use email marketing to build a community of loyal customers. 
  • Media relations – Writing press releases is viewed as a great way to attract an audience. Alternatively, you can partner with leading online publications to publish your blog posts on third-party platforms. For instance, you could get an article on your product to appear in online magazines such as Forbes, US News, or Huffington Post. Depending on the platform, some publications will come with extra costs. You can also be a guest writer on a platform, which can get more exposure to your blog posts. Nevertheless, this will help you reach a wider audience. 
  • Social media marketing – You might be thinking there is practically no way to link social media marketing to blogs. However, it is observed that audiences often respond well to visual content. So, you can use key facts or other important points from your blog posts, create an illustration using a social media template, and post them as a picture or even a video. You can then add a link to the original blog post, which will help drive traffic. 

Create Evergreen Content 

While writing blogs on trending topics can get more traffic, this is most likely to be a momentary surge. Business owners should also create evergreen blog content that will stay relevant for a few years. 

For example – you can write a blog on “the best cleaning products for carpets,” – and the content will have to reflect the five latest products you are selling. On the other hand, a blog on “How to take care of your carpet” will continue to attract an audience for years. You can regularly update this evergreen page to link to your latest products – nevertheless, the core content will remain the same. 

Over time, you can set up a network of multiple evergreen blog posts, which can bring in regular traffic passively, even when you are on holiday. 

Be Bold and Unique 

In a world saturated with content, finding a way to stand out can be extremely challenging. It can be even more tricky when everybody is using the same Canva templates for their blog designs. 

So, if you have an idea that will make you stand out from the crowd, do not hesitate to try it. This might require you to make bold moves, work with new writers, or take on unexpected collaborations. 

Be Patient 

When trying out a blog for marketing, most business owners overlook that it can take a long time to get results. Unlike social media marketing, blog posts are not likely to get you an instant boost in sales. In fact, it can take a while to build up sufficient blog posts and establish your site as a useful reference. Similarly, building up traffic and growing an audience can be a time-consuming process. 

You will need to dedicate at least six months to start seeing growth with blog posts. While blogging can appear to be a time-consuming way of promoting your business, it also has the power to be an effective long-term tool.