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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

When last did you use your smartphone’s web browser to access social media, watch a video, order food, message someone or listen to music? It’s probably been a while. Of course, this is because there’s now an app for the services we use on a daily basis. Apps are faster, have more features and are easily accessible from our home screens.

According to Statista, consumers will download around 258 billion apps onto their phones in 2022. The average consumer in the US now spends more time per day using apps than watching television. Mobile shoppers account for 17% of all e-commerce sales and in 2017 alone, app revenue surpassed 86 billion US dollars.

Point is, we all use apps. So why not leverage this opportunity? You may already have a website, but we know that consumers prefer using apps. Just look at any major company and you’ll struggle to find one that doesn’t offer an app. But why is this the case? And how can a small business benefit from having an app? Read on to find out.

You Don’t Need to Know How to Make an App

To avoid investing in one, many business owners use the excuse that they don’t know how to develop an app. The reality is that just about nobody does – except app developers, of course. This will more or less be your only expense.

A good developer, such as CoSource, will make your idea come to life without requiring any technical expertise from you. Head over to the following link to find out more:

Low Competition

There are more small businesses who don’t have an app than small businesses who do. As massive as the app market is, the SMB sector still sees little competition in many industries. This means that being one of the first in your niche to have an app gives you a significant advantage, allowing you to offer something your competitors don’t.

Learn More About Your Audience

Apps are the perfect place to conduct surveys, run polls and allow users to provide feedback on your products and services. This information is vital to understanding where you’re going wrong and where improvements can be made.

Additionally, using your app to obtain feedback doesn’t cost anything, thus offsetting the expenses that come with learning about your audience through traditional methods.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Compared to a website that takes numerous steps to reach, a shiny rectangular icon on your customers’ homes screens is infinitely more accessible. Coupled in with push notifications, your audience will be coming back way more often. Integrating app-exclusive special offers and loyalty programs further increases brand loyalty.

New Sales Channel

An app is one of the best channels through which you can sell products and services. It’s easy to access, more consumers are shopping on their phones and you can use marketing tactics such as bonus offers, push notifications and convenient mobile payments to increase sales.


Investing in an app is a good idea for just about any kind of business. Do it today to get the upper hand over your competitors.