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5 Great Ways to Improve Your Sales Conversion Rates

Acquiring more customers won’t do you any good if your conversion rates are poor. Sometimes, it’s better to focus on working with what’s already there, and something as simple as increasing your conversion rate from 1% to 2% means you’ll be making twice as much sales from the same volume of website traffic. With the help of the following 5 strategies, we’ll look at what you can do to increase your sales conversion rates as quickly as possible:

1. Hire a good copywriter

As the old saying goes, content is king, and this is especially true when it comes to having a good sales letter. After all, it’s the central point from where most of your sales are made. Also, by discussing relevant topics and answering your customer’s most common questions on your blog, you will gain additional traffic to your website in an organic manner, and your existing audience will trust you more, all of which will help you achieve a higher conversion rate.

2. Improve the customer experience

Is your website mobile-friendly with fast loading times? How quickly can your visitors find what they’re looking for? Does your website appear trustworthy and is the content organized and structured efficiently? Answering these questions will lead to a better overall customer experience, which – you’ve guessed it – should improve your conversion rate as well.

3. The scarcity effect

You need to convince your potential customers that your offer won’t be around forever, meaning they need to take action now or lose out on the opportunity forever. Of course, the reasons for doing so need to be genuine, otherwise they’ll quickly be able to pick up on it; fake scarcity no longer works. As it turns out, nothing motivates people to make a purchase more than being told what’s at stake and being reminded their quality of life won’t change if they remain passive.

4. Use CRM software

Your CRM process is not very efficient if you’re unable to identify which leads are more qualified than others. By using a good CRM software, you will be able to analyze data about potential leads much more efficiently, and rank them based on a number of different parameters. In simple terms, it’s much better to concentrate your marketing efforts on those who are already motivated to buy your products or services than those who still need a great deal of convincing.

5. A/B testing

Instead of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions when trying to determine which landing page is better, why not go the scientific way and measure it? Through A/B testing, you basically change an element of your website, then wait around to see how this impacts the conversion rate. Then change it to something better, and accumulate data once again. The one with the highest conversion rate is the winner! Never underestimate the power of small changes like replacing the title or adjusting the color of the “buy now” button, as it could have a huge impact on how much you sell.


Just by implementing these 5 strategies and changes, you should see a dramatic improvement of your sales conversion rates, no matter what type of business you’re running. By catering to the needs of your potential customers, they will reward you by choosing you instead of your competition.