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12 Useful Apps and Tools for Small Businesses

Whether you’re fresh out of business school or a few years into operation, you likely recognize the importance of finding ways to organize and streamline daily tasks. Thankfully, the digital age has provided us with a range of different tools for achieving exactly that. Mobile apps are a great example.

They help businesses become more efficient, whether by simplifying daily processes, coordinating them better or automating them entirely. Unlike desktop solutions, mobile apps can be used to manage tasks on the go, with no constraints when it comes to time or location.

Take a look at the following 12 useful apps and tools for small businesses to get an idea of what they can do for you.


Slack: With this instant messaging platform, you can set up your own private and public communication channels for different teams, or send a direct message. Images, documents, and videos can easily be shared in the chat, while the channels themselves are infinitely customizable.

Fuze: Thanks to cloud technology, Fuze is capable of providing top-notch audio and visual quality in your conference calls. The app is easy to set up and can be downloaded on all devices. Not only can it be used to carry out meetings, but also as a call center for customer service.

Addappt: A simple and straightforward contact management tool, Addappt makes it easy to maintain accurate information on all of your partners, clients, suppliers, employees, and other business contacts, as well as family and friends. You can also use the app as a standalone messaging service in addition to creating groups.

Finance and Accounting

Quickbooks: Available across all mobile and desktop platforms, Quickbooks’ accounting software helps you manage and monitor the financial aspect of your business. Use it to track income and expenditure, view statements and reports, pay employees and suppliers, make the most of your tax deductions, and so much more.

Expensify: This popular expense management software aims to automate every step involved in reporting expenses. Simply take a photo of your receipt and the software will do the rest. Expensify can also provide real-time visibility into your finances, making audits and taxes easier to manage.

Square: A life-saver for businesses that depend on point-of-sale purchases, Square works with a card reader attached to your smartphone, allowing you to effortlessly accept payments on the go.


TermsFeed: Whether you need to generate a privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer, refund policy or license agreement, TermsFeed makes it easy by doing the job for you or allowing you to fill in the information yourself with their range of templates. Here’s a detailed overview of TermsFeed that explains how it works.

Vivial: This app aims to simplify digital marketing by automating numerous tasks such as updating your Google Places listings. You can also use it to build online branding with social media and newsletter messages. Website and search optimization services are also on offer.

SOS Inventory: Inventory tracking, order management, and manufacturing tasks are simplified with the powerful capabilities of this app. It can even integrate with other platforms like Shopify and QuickBooks for added functionality. Among other features, SOS Inventory allows you to track items and create tickets and packing slips.

Project Management

Basecamp: One of the most popular project management tools around, Basecamp features a streamlined and user-friendly interface with a plethora of features. This includes collaborative projects, checklists, progress tracking, and workflow calendars to keep everyone on the same page. As a bonus, there’s no limit to the number of users per plan.

Asana: If you find checklists to be the most efficient approach to project management, then Asana is the app for you. Its flexible interface helps you prioritize the most important tasks, while the dashboard provides a visual overview of your progress. Attach files, chat with team members, integrate with other services and more with Asana.

Trello: For a more visual approach to project management, Trello is a great option. It utilizes a board where you can create lists and move cards to represent the status of a particular project. Checklists, attachments and the usual array of project management app features are readily available.

These are just some of the countless apps that can transform the way you do business. Keep an eye out for more great tools for staying organized and productive, as there is plenty to discover.