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Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover Celebrate Valentine’s Day LIVE on Hypstar App

We’re currently living in an era where social media has become the most preferred way of expressing one’s individuality. Short form videos have taken the digital world by the storm. Creating a video featuring oneself none less than a celebrity is at your fingertips today. Social media platforms have also made interaction with celebrities much easier by diluting the lines between reality and virtuality. With almost every other person having an access to a smartphone, one such app that is making headway to the top is HYPSTAR.
Hypstar is a 15 second original short video community developed by the Bytedance, a leading AI-powered content platform. It enables users to record fun and memorable moments in daily life easily and shares them with people all over the world while meeting fun people in Hypstar. It is a personalized, extensive, and high-quality content feed created specifically for you each time you open the apps.
Hypstar, has launched a unique campaign for its subscribers whereby they can interact with their favorite celebrities and also earn cash prizes through participation. This unique feature has lead to the app going viral! The Live broadcasting show “Beat the Q” is the latest sensation where celebrities appear twice during a day, at 1 pm and 8 pm posing two sets of 12 questions each time. The subscribers can undertake this quiz and stand to earn rewards with increasing stakes at every level. Beat the Q will run over Feb and March offering several celebrity interactions to the subscribers through the quiz, it is fast becoming the only place where users can interact with their favorites celebrities. More than 2000 people have already won the quiz game, sharing upto 10,000 dollars between them. The response from the fans and their enjoyment levels are at an all-time high!
On the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, Bollywood’s coveted and much in love couple – Bipasha Basu and Karan Sigh Grover, appeared on Hypstar’s “Beat the Q” show. Karan was hosting the show from 10th-14th Feb and Bipasha not just surprised him with her appearance on 14th, but made for a great celebration of the day of love together. Together they hosted a segment of the show. This adorable couple has completed almost two years of being married and it is a delight to see them together. Their chemistry and camaraderie made it fun for the participants to indulge in the quiz and win cash rewards.

About Hypstar
Hypstar is a video editing platform, a product of Bytedance, China’s tech giant, with which one can create 15 second video to record the interesting and meaningful moment of daily life, one can also share their story or show their talent here. Hypstar enables users to record fun and memorable moments in daily life easily and share them with people all over the world while meeting fun people in Hypstar community.

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