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10 Best Free Cloud Storage in India

Explore the world of free cloud storage for secure and convenient data storage.

In today’s increasingly digitized world, the demand for reliable and secure data storage solutions has never been higher. Whether you’re a student looking to preserve important assignments, a professional aiming to safeguard crucial work documents, or an enthusiast seeking to organize cherished memories, cloud storage has become an indispensable tool. However, with a plethora of options available, each boasting unique features and storage capacities, finding the best free cloud storage service in India can be a daunting task. In this article, we will delve into the top contenders in the realm of cloud storage, evaluating their features, accessibility, and security, to help you make an informed decision and choose the perfect platform to seamlessly store and manage your data.

Free Cloud Storage

1. Mega

Mega is a well-known New Zealand company that offers cloud storage. Prior to a recent upgrade, it used to provide 15 GB of free space, but now it offers 20 GB of cloud storage coupled with zero knowledge encryption and fast speeds. The accomplishment awards’ validity has also been extended to 365 days and clarified. Mega is a fantastic free alternative that is ideal for people who value the security of their internet data.


  • 20 GB of free room
  • You receive 20 GB of permanent online storage space with Mega Cloud Storage’s free plan, which is enough for the average user.
  • Zero-Knowledge Cryptography
  • With zero knowledge encryption, Mega protects all of your uploaded data, rendering it unavailable to anybody but you.
  • High Speeds
  • With Mega, you enjoy quick upload and download speeds. 
  • Good Privacy Practices
  • Mega’s privacy policy is significantly more appealing than Google Drive’s!
  • Shadow Mode
  • Recently, Mega added a Dark mode to its web client and worked to enhance its user experience.
  • Long-lasting successes
  • 5 GB of cloud storage for each accomplishment. Recently, the validity was extended to 365 days. Check out Mega’s accomplishments page for additional information.


  • Unable to Choose a Server Location
  • Servers for Mega are located in Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, and France. However, you are unable to choose the server’s location.
  • Very Strict Terms and Conditions
  • If copyrighted media or content is reported to Mega, they will delete it.

2. Sync

Canada-based Sync is a cloud storage provider that prioritizes privacy. You receive 5 GB of cloud storage with its free subscription, all of it secured. Additionally, you may participate in their kind referral program and receive an additional 25 GB of space! Overall, customers that are more worried about the security of their online data storage should choose Sync.


  • Free Space of 5 GB
  • You can obtain 5 GB of cloud storage right away by signing up for a free account on Sync.
  • Outstanding Referral System
  • Participate in their Referral Program if you want to earn extra free space. You can get 15 GB of extra storage if you refer them to 15 friends! 
  • tidy privacy policies
  • Their Privacy Policy is well-defined, and they don’t ask users for any information that isn’t absolutely essential.
  • Zero-Knowledge Cryptography
  • Zero-knowledge encryption is used to safeguard every piece of data you upload to Sync. Therefore, only you have access to it at any time.
  • Wonderful Sharing Options
  • To protect your links, Sync lets you specify passwords and expiration dates. Users can upload files to your shared folder without creating an account.


  • Very Standard Interface
  • Sync’s user interface is neither current nor user-friendly.
  • Slow Motion
  • Slower speeds are the effect of adding zero-knowledge encryption to protect the data of their consumers. 

3. pCloud

With 10 GB of storage space and super-fast speeds, pCloud is a cloud storage service with headquarters in Switzerland. Users who regularly need to exchange files with others would be quite impressed with pCloud’s cutting-edge sharing features! Overall, it is among the finest choices for both free and paid cloud storage. Visit my pCloud Review for additional details. 


  • 10 GB of free room
  • You may access the 10 GB of cloud storage included in the pCloud free plan by signing up, validating your email, uploading a file, and adding friends.
  • decent privacy policies
  • The pCloud Privacy Policy is well-designed. They do not gather a lot of user data, and they do not share it with any outside parties. 
  • Allows for Data Center Selection When joining up, pCloud gives you the option to select the data center of your choosing. The majority of users favour European data centers. 
  • Outstanding Speeds
  • The European servers that pCloud utilizes provide quick upload and download speeds. 
  • Superior Syncing
  • pCloud is one of the better solutions for file synchronization because it supports Block Level Sync and Selective Sync capabilities.
  • Outstanding File Sharing
  • You may personalize link pages and upload permissions, create passwords and expiration dates for your links, and even examine link statistics! 


  • Activation Clause
  • They could terminate your pCloud account if you don’t log in for six months. 
  • No Knowledge at All in the Free Plan
  • With its free services, pCloud does not offer zero-knowledge encryption. Upgrade to a premium subscription if you require this functionality.

4. Google Drive

Google has introduced Google Drive as a cloud storage option. The majority of people frequently use it without even recognizing it because it is the most widely used cloud option. It provides rapid speeds and access to 15 GB of storage space. Google Drive is the best option if you need to work on or collaborate on office documents with your coworkers!


  • 15 GB of free room
  • You receive 15 GB of cloud storage for free as soon as you sign up for Gmail!
  • Swift Tempo
  • You may upload and download your files at quicker rates while using Google Drive. 
  • Favourable for Collaboration
  • If you want to work on office files or collaborate in real time with your team members, Google Drive is your best bet.
  • Incredible Sync Feature
  • As soon as you make changes to a file, the changes are immediately shown on all devices!


  • Poor Privacy Policies
  • We are all aware of how dubious Google’s privacy policy is. They gather a lot of information from their consumers and utilize it to show them tailored advertisements.
  • No, I know nothing.
  • Your data is constantly in danger of being hacked since it is not secured with zero knowledge.
  • Very Strict Conditions
  • Uploads to Google Drive that are protected by copyright are immediately removed.

5. Ice Drive

The UK-based Icedrive is a brand-new provider of cloud storage. You get excellent speeds and 10 GB of cloud storage with their free plan. Icedrive is a great option for those who wish to have a user-friendly, appealing interface and total openness of their internet data! 


  • 10 GB of free storage
  • With Icedrive, you receive additional cutting-edge security measures in addition to 10 GB of free cloud storage! 
  • High Speeds
  • Fast upload and download speeds are available with Icedrive cloud storage.
  • Excellent UI
  • Out of all the cloud storage providers, it boasts one of the nicest and friendliest user interfaces.
  • organized privacy policies
  • Its privacy policy appears to be extremely open. Additionally, as Icedrive complies with GDPR, you can ask for a copy of the data they have on file.


  • No, I know nothing. 
  • Zero-knowledge encryption is not available in Icedrive’s free plan. For that, you must upgrade your plan. 
  • Limited Options for Sharing
  • Your shared links can have passwords and expiration dates configured. You are unable to modify upload permissions or view link statistics, in contrast to pCloud!

6. OneDrive

Microsoft provides cloud storage using OneDrive. 5 GB of cloud storage are included in the free plan. You might give it a shot if you want to edit office documents online!


  • Free Cloud Space of 5 GB
  • You receive 5 GB of online storage for free when you create a OneDrive account.
  • outstanding editing and cooperation
  • OneDrive would be excellent for generating, editing, sharing, and collaborating on your files online if you wanted to work on office projects online.
  • excellent sync and backup
  • Your local folders can have automatic backups turned on so that the cloud is constantly updated with them.
  • History of Versions
  • You may preview and restore earlier versions of your files using OneDrive’s 30-day versioning feature. 


  • Incredibly slow download speeds
  • With OneDrive, the upload rates are good, but the download speeds are very sluggish!

7. MediaFire

MediaFire is a dated service that was first introduced in 2006. It provides you with a respectable 10 GB of storage. Now functioning as a cloud storage, it was once a file transmission service. But regrettably, it does poorly in each of these areas.


  • 10 GB of free room
  • When we register for an account with MediaFire, we are given a respectable 10 GB of free storage.
  • Good for File Storage
  • MediaFire may be appropriate for file storage, but it isn’t yet ready to serve as a full-fledged cloud storage.


  • Lack of Security 
  • MediaFire lacks even the most fundamental encryption, let alone zero-knowledge encryption. The main prerequisite for any cloud storage platform is end-to-end encryption.
  • awful upload rates
  • It took 17 long minutes to upload an 844 MB video file to MediaFire with a connection speed of 100 MB/s!
  • Poor privacy policies
  • They examine all of your submitted files, much like Google, and erase any content that is protected by copyright. 
  • Advertising Everywhere
  • There are several advertisements on each page of MediaFire’s free edition. Your information is gathered when you interact with these advertisements, and more ads are then shown to you based on that data. 
  • There is no desktop application.
  • One of the first competitors in the cloud storage space is MediaFire. Sadly, there is still no desktop application available.

8. Degoo

Swedish cloud storage company Degoo provides 100 GB of storage space as part of its free package. However, other form the enormous capacity, it doesn’t have any other unique features. In conclusion, you could give Degoo Cloud a try if you don’t mind adverts filling your UI and you can continue using it. 


  • 20 GB of free room
  • You receive 20 GB of cloud storage with Degoo, which you may increase by introducing more friends.


  • Ads that are intrusive
  • Their website and mobile app are both overrun with obtrusive advertisements that degrade the user experience. 
  • Less Capacity
  • They formerly provided 100 GB of free space. They now only allow 20 GB.
  • Zero Knowledge Encryption is not used
  • Degoo’s free package does not have safe zero-knowledge encryption.
  • Activation Clause
  • Your Degoo account may be permanently deleted if it is dormant for 90 days.
  • No 2FA
  • Because it doesn’t allow 2FA, cyber threats may always access your account. 
  • File Size Restrictions
  • Degoo does not allow the upload of large files. It can only handle files up to 512 MB in size.

9. GitHub 

Developers and programmers may collaborate on coding projects on GitHub. You get 500 MB of cloud storage, which is enough to store your most significant work. GitHub might be a good option for you if you are a developer who needs sophisticated features for your projects like file backups and versioning. 


  • 50 MB of cloud storage
  • Your 500 MB of available online storage on GitHub is sufficient for uploading your significant websites and Android projects. 
  • beneficial for developers 
  • For developers to post their work to private repositories, GitHub is a viable cloud solution.
  • Simple User Interface
  • You receive a user-friendly online interface. As a result, anyone may use it without any problems.
  • Versioning files
  • You may easily access earlier versions of a file in addition to all the other sophisticated capabilities of GitHub. 
  • A fascinating choice for keeping up your crucial work in the cloud is File Backups GitHub.


  • Security Concerns
  • Your sensitive information may be exposed if it is kept on GitHub’s servers. They have previously been the victim of cyberattacks, and hackers continue to target them.

10. Terabox

A Chinese corporation owns Terabox, a cloud storage service that was once known as Dubox. Even though it has an absurd 1 TB of capacity, I strongly oppose any links with Chinese applications or services. Unlimited storage is only a trap to draw you in.


  • Free cloud storage of 1 TB
  • You receive an incredible 1 TB of cloud storage when you sign up with Terabox!
  • Simple Sharing
  • Sharing files is possible, and the link validity may be adjusted to anywhere from one to thirty days.
  • Regular Backups
  • Automatic backups are supported by Terabox on its mobile platform. Therefore, you may select particular folders, and all recent modifications will always be synchronized with the cloud.
  • Good Interface
  • Terabox’s user interface is easy for novices to grasp.
  • Swift Tempo
  • I had great success uploading files to Terabox. 


  • A Chinese company owns it
  • Terabox Cloud Storage is provided by PopIn, a company owned by the Chinese search engine Baidu. I think any links with China are bad for security!
  • Poor Privacy Policies 
  • They gather all the information you post and share it with their associate firms, which is not very much.

We trust you found our exploration of free cloud storage options helpful! Safeguard your important files and memories with these reliable and convenient solutions. Happy storing!