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Bayes In Will Redefine Trust and Payment for Lottery Blockchain

Lottery is quite popular whether in a lottery shop on the Wall Street or casino in Las Vegas.


Lottery is a very special industry as a result of the development of human civilization. It is legal lottery in today’s society, with an organized process as “lottery explosion.” With legalization of global lottery, blockchain is reconstructing another lottery world with humanity.


Blockchain-based lottery first emerged in 2012. It develops from BTC-based payment system to diversified forms including smart contract lottery based on ETH, lottery draw and dividend distribution, even with no need of artificial monitoring. The changes open new horizons for people.


For example, Fomo3D, a recent hit based on Ethereum, witnesses the number its users soars by over 150%, turnover spikes by 1500%, ranking the first in activity among ETH DApp.


Great changes occur to the lottery industry which is connected to blockchain. According to statista, the market value of online lottery in 2016 reached 45 billion U.S. dollars and is estimated to reach 56 billion U.S. dollars this year.


Yet, trust and payment are still the cruxes of online lottery. In many countries and regions with underdeveloped legal systems, all the lottery payment channels are often cut off by the governments for supervision due to policy amendment.


Blockchain solved payment problem in 2009 with the birth of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency becomes a perfect pairing of lottery thanks to anonymity, timely transfer and low commission rates. With significant increase in transparency, “Fairness Check” can ensure bankers cannot randomly manipulate the game results even when using Bitcoin.


With progress of blockchain and popularization of smart contract and DAPP recently, high-performance public chain focusing on lottery services, becomes feasible. Bayes In, Gamble as a Service (GaaS) ecological system, provides global underlying technical services for lottery in line with global laws and regulations.


As all games run on Ethereum by DApp, “black box”operations are eliminated to ensure wonderful lottery experience.


Bayes In not only provides services for lottery industry but also hotel, entertainment industries, enlarging the number of users for marketing of merchants on the platform, thus building an ecological community featuring open sources.


The advancement of Bayes In not only changes lottery industry, but also brings more convenience for people’s lives. Therefore, the popularity of Bayes in lies in its social values as well as technical advantages.