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Azerbaijan Invites Indian Travellers to ‘Take Another Look’

Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB) the national promotion body designed to support the growth of Azerbaijan’s tourism industry, launched its marketing campaign ‘Take another look’ at the 26th edition of SATTE 2019 – South Asia’s leading travel show. As part of its strategy to present a new portrait of the country, enhance its destination value and double the current in-bound tourism by 2023, ATB launched its marketing campaign in India at the annual three-day B2B trade show designed to bring together the key travel industry leaders in the region.
The brand positioning and identity is an invitation to attract travellers to consider Azerbaijan from a unique point of view and discover its untold stories and secrets. Situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Azerbaijan has nine of the world’s eleven climate zones, offering travellers a European experience at affordable prices all year round.
The Caucasus country is currently on the cusp of a tourism boom as it welcomed a record number of in-bound visitors spending more than US$ 2 billion in 2018, making it one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. Azerbaijan’s recent investments in tourism and country promotion are testimony to the fact that the country is poised to become a premium MICE destination with a well-developed corporate infrastructure equipped to host large scale business meetings and conferences.
Moreover, Indian passport holders are eligible for E-Visa to Azerbaijan, which is processed online within 3 hours through the new simplified electronic visa procedure. The new initiatives are expected to improve Azerbaijan’s ranking among countries with a high tourism contribution towards national GDP, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council 2018 Impact Report. It is forecasted to be at 6% per annum over the course of the next 10 years ranking it amongst the world’s top 20 high potential countries.
An Eastern country with a Western outlook, Azerbaijan is an exceptional combination of antiquity and novelty with several sites of interest. From Baku’s modern Flame Towers, to the depths of the medieval UNESCO World Heritage site, there’s something for everyone in Azerbaijan. A constantly evolving tapestry of life and energy from bazaars to jazz clubs makes it an ideal destination for family holidays and honeymoon travel as well as a host for destination weddings.

For millennia, Azerbaijan has been at the crossroads of history. As a tourism proposition, Azerbaijan is a safe family-oriented destination that is supported by a rich history that dates back 5000 years and a composite culture that has evolved with the passing through of travellers along the Great Silk Road. The fire-worshipping Zoroastrians left their mark at Ateshgah, where the Fire Temple continues to amaze visitors with its spouts of flames and inscriptions in Sanskrit or Punjabi adorned by 19th century Hindu merchants.
With high-profile sporting events such as the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix and UEFA Europa League Final in 2019; varied hospitality offerings that range from luxury collections to B&Bs; a vibrant gastronomical experience; spectacular landscapes including summer countryside and winter ski slopes; adventure trails; and cultural events; Azerbaijan is in an excellent position to cater to high volumes of tourists seeking authentic local experiences. 
Azerbaijan’s unique geography and location have resulted in a cuisine influenced by the land’s natural ingredients. It has also assimilated the flavours of travellers that passed through its heartlands. In addition to eateries serving local and international delicacies, Azerbaijan has many Indian restaurants that serve vegan food and a large community of local Indian chefs working in the hospitality sector. 
“‘Take another look’ unlocks Azerbaijan’s unique stories and secrets. The Azerbaijani people are excited to share their culture, cuisine and country with visitors from India. We encourage you to indulge your palate with unique flavours and you can expect a plethora of gourmet vegetarian options that will delight food connoisseurs. We look forward to enhancing our tourism proposition in the industry and becoming a leading destination brand in the world, as we continue to provide tourists with unique, authentic experiences that will leave them with lasting memories for a lifetime,” said Florian Sengstschmid, CEO of Azerbaijan Tourism Board.
Currently, three-fourths of the in-bound tourists to Azerbaijan hail from Russia, Georgia, Iran, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, neighbouring countries in the region. With a new brand and the ‘Take another look’ promotional campaign, Azerbaijan will focus on increasing the number of tourists from a broader pool of countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, China, as well as Central and Southeast Asia. Azerbaijan Airlines, the flag carrier of Azerbaijan, has announced direct charter flights from India to Azerbaijan in 2019.

“As we encourage visitors to ‘Take another look’, we are inviting them to take a more in-depth look at Azerbaijan and immerse themselves in truly genuine cultural experiences. Guests will want to dig deeper into the country’s history and rich cultural heritage as they discover pleasant surprises and hidden gems throughout the year,” added Florian.

About Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB)

Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB) is a national promotion body established under the State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Its main objectives are to support the growth of Azerbaijan’s tourism industry and encourage visitors to explore the country’s rich cultural offering and experience its ancient heritage. For more information, visit or follow us on Instagram @experienceazerbaijan.