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Augmont adds 500,000 Offline Touch Points to its Net, Spreads Wings to Smaller Towns

Indian economy has evolved in its unique way where a large number of Indian consumers have found a middle ground by accepting Assisted E-commerce as the most preferred method of buying their requirements. Assisted E-commerce combines the benefits of the traditional brick and mortar stores and the regular digital commerce. Augmont, from the house of India’s oldest and most trusted brands to buy gold and silver, has been leading India’s charge into the next phase of investing in precious metals. Dominating the online and assisted e-commerce sales in India, Augmont just strengthened its distribution channel by being available at 500,000 (five lakh) touch points, taking its reach to the smallest Indian towns and villages where most sales still happen offline. This move makes Augmont one of the largest companies in India for the sale of gold, and it’s only going to get stronger.

Augmont’s range of products allows the consumers to buy the purest gold and silver in small quantities at the Best Prices Guaranteed. This gold and silver are stored in a secured vault controlled and monitored by an independent trustee. The customer can have the gold and silver delivered to their doorstep at their own convenience. This revolutionary way of investing in gold is now available to millions of Indians living in India’s smaller cities and towns, where customers prefer buying from a physical store.

Another product from the house of Augmont gives an option to the customer to buy coins and jewellery on EMI. Customers can choose from a huge variety of gold and silver coins, jewellery such as rings, pendants, bracelets, chains, earrings, and bangles. The costs are way lower than one would expect. All coins come with a purity of 999 (24 karats). Customers can pay for their purchases over the period of 3, 6, 9 months period. What’s more, they even have the option of cancelling their order during the EMI period! All of Augmont’s gold comes from their own refineries, giving them complete control over the quality.

Augmont is virtually making its products available in each and every town across the country. Most of these stores have an assisted e-commerce facility which makes it even easier for buyers. Augmont’s tie-up with a range of companies like Vakrangee, EbixCash, PayWorld, Sahaj e-Village, 5nance App takes it to the deepest corners of India. Vakrangee operates a franchisee network of over 37,000 centers across 18 states, providing a huge last-mile retail point. Ebix Cash has over 2.35 lakh physical retail touch points across 5,000+ Cities towns & District Headquarter.

Said Dinesh Nandwana, MD of Vakrangee, “There is immense goodwill for Augmont in the market. For years, they have supplied the purest gold. With the ease of buying gold through EMI, the convenience of buyback, home delivery, and the value for money, it is easily the best way to invest in precious metals. With Augmont’s backing & our physical presence, customers feel secure. This will help integrate online and offline investments in precious metals.”
Mahendra Bafna, Director of Augmont said, “Augmont has always been the pioneer in leading the way in technological advancement. Our refineries make the purest gold and silver in India, with 999 finesses. These offline partnerships are a strategic move to help us get closer to India’s masses that deserve the new age conveniences of our world-class products. They can now invest in gold for their parents and children, with the convenience they never imagined they had. This is a huge step not just for Augmont, but for the entire industry. It will revolutionalise the landscape and bring millions into the fold of electronic investments in gold and silver.”
With gold coins starting at Rs. 300, gold jewelry at Rs. 3,000 and 10 gram silver coins at Rs. 450, Augmont is causing a huge disruption in the as-yet primarily offline market. With the capability to deliver to almost every pin code in India, Augmont is taking investments in gold and silver to the corners of India that even the largest e-commerce companies have failed to reach.