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Andra Capital Launches First Tokenized Late-Stage Technology Growth Fund on the Blockchain Set to Raise One Billion Dollars

Andra Capital announced the launch of its late-stage, technology growth fund. The Andra Fund is tokenized with Blockchain technology to enable greater access to global investors. The company has already secured more than $500 million in investment commitments and allocations and is well underway to successfully raise $1 billion dollars. Andra has experienced significant market traction from global, traditional investors (institutions, hedge funds, family offices, individuals), token holders, and alternative investors seeking access to high-growth assets to maximize returns.


Andra Capital is breaking the mold of traditional venture capital investing. By leveraging Blockchain technology through its fully regulatory-compliant Silicon Valley Coin (“SVC”), Andra offers permitted U.S. and global investors an ownership stake in the fund. Andra’s “Silicon Valley Coin” is a security token, backed by real, legally-registered securities in private, late-stage technology companies. Another advantage of tokenizing the Fund is that it decentralizes venture funds, connecting more technology companies with investors worldwide than previously possible. Investors will benefit from reduced risk, greater flexibility, and a shorter investment period than traditional venture capital funds. The company’s security token offering will take place in Summer 2018.


For more information about Andra Capital, investing in the fund, and to apply for the pre-sale visit


Democratizing Venture Capital


Through its Silicon Valley Coin, Andra aims to democratize venture capital by allowing global investors to participate in top-tier Silicon Valley investments. Previously, this exclusive access has been limited to closed VC networks and large investment firms. Andra Capital now offers unprecedented access to late-stage high-growth pre-IPO technology companies such as Lyft, WeWork, AirBnB, SpaceX and Palantir. For the first time, investors worldwide—including those with less to invest—are on the cusp of gaining access to the highest growth assets available.


“Andra Capital is democratizing venture capital with the ‘Silicon Valley Coin’, a security token built on the Blockchain. We combine our innovative investment strategy with technology, world-class partners, and a fund structure with tradeable interests to achieve higher returns and lower risks—comparable to top-tier venture capital firms,” stated Haydar Haba, Managing Partner at Andra Capital.


World-Class Partners


With a commitment to best-in-class professional management, oversight, and transparency, Andra Capital has partnered with:


“We’re seeing great traction among the institutional and token investors alike. They’re attracted to the fact that our ‘Silicon Valley Coin’ is secure, generally transferrable, and asset-backed. The value of our coin is tied to the Fund’s investments as each token represents a unit of interest in the Fund. Perpetually evergreen, the Andra Fund is always increasing in value and growing in AUM size,” said Hermann Liu, Managing Partner at Andra Capital.


About Andra Capital


Andra Capital is a late-stage technology growth fund. We use the Blockchain to tokenize the fund providing global investors with unprecedented access to exclusive, late-stage, private technology companies. Our innovative “Silicon Valley Coin”, which represents ownership interest in the Andra Fund, is a regulatory-compliant, tradeable, and asset-backed security token. Andra Capital aims to provide investors with higher returns and lower risks over a shorter investment period than traditional venture capital funds.


To learn more about Andra Capital, review our detailed whitepaper, visit, contact [email protected] or [email protected].