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Alef Mobitech Launches Mobile Edge Computing Platform in India

Alef Mobitech (Morristown, New Jersey, USA), a Mobile Edge Technology leader, has launched the first ever Mobile Edge Computing Solution. The Platform powers applications created by Alef, Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and third-party developers.


The Alef Edge Computing Platform creates an “Operating System” that enables rapid deployment of new applications and services at the Mobile Edge. Alef provides Operators the ability to support the next generation of applications without requiring costly upgrades. Using Alef Mobitech’s patented technologies and hyper-distributed cloud computing capabilities at the Network’s Mobile Edge, MNOs can provide immersive, interactive and intelligent products and services.


“Launching this platform inside of a live mobile network is a major milestone for us, but it is only phase one of our vision,” said Neelakantan Venkataraman, Chief Business Officer for Alef in India. He added, “Phase two leverages the platform to create and co-own products and services. Our vision is to become the gold standard of Edge Computing Applications by defining how products and services on the Mobile Internet should look, feel and interact.”


Alef’s solution allows Application Services to communicate and transact effectively with Mobile Network Operators. Instead of providing independent silos of Transmission and Cloud Services, Alef enables third party applications and Mobile Network Operators to work profitably and cooperatively.


Steven Spencer, Alef Mobitech’s Chief Operating Officer stated, “Edge Computing is the perfect environment for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and Autonomous Vehicles, and our ambitions are even higher. The Cloud allowed for applications to run much more efficiently; Mobile Edge Computing now moves the Cloud to mobile devices. This is game changing!”


About Alef Mobitech


Alef Mobitech’s mission is to realize the worldwide potential of the Mobile Internet through a wide range of enablement services by teaming with Solution Providers and Mobile Network Operators. Based on innovative Mobility Cloud Technologies, Alef Mobitech empowers businesses across multiple segments to launch new products and services.


Alef Mobitech is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, with Offices in India and Brazil. For more information, please visit