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5 Apps To Help You Save Money After Tax Deductions

Are you nearly broke while making the last minute investments to save yourself from the heavy tax deductions? But you can’t compromise on your day to day requirements even if it is financial year ending. Here are 5 apps which will help you save some money in your hour of need.


Discounts, coupons and price comparison will come to your rescue if you want your liberty at the best prices. Voodoo app will help you out. Voodoo app compares prices across different websites and integrates with all the cabs available on your device to get the best deals as per nearest cabs, cheapest cabs which saves your time and money. The tendency is to make comparisons across different apps & websites while shopping. While Voodoo pops up automatically where the users have missed out and provide the best offer to them, while saving time. One does not need to open other apps or go to a platform which can do that for you.



Ever heard of personal concierge services? Well there are apps now to not just assist you but provide you best possible options at best prices. Helpchat is a chat based personal assistant app that helps you get more things done. This could be anything – from recharging your phone to tech support, travel booking, holiday guidance, ordering groceries and food at your doorstep, providing shopping assistance, helping you find the best deals & coupons, web check-in and laundry. All you have to do is send a chat message. That’s it.



Food is something you just can’t live without and eating out is inevitable. This is where Dineout comes into picture. It is an easy to use, restaurant table reservation service that helps you save up to 30% on dining out bill. Dineout services are available at 2000+ restaurants spread across Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Trusted by over 2 million diners, it is the preferred choice for those who are looking for table reservation with deals & discounts every time they dine out.



Growth and popularity of digital video notwithstanding, mobile streaming is still a big drain on the monthly data plans of most users. Especially so in a market like India – which is indisputably prepaid! Balancing this critical user need with their penchant for mobile streaming, nexGTv – India’s biggest subscription-driven video entertainment app and mobile TV pioneer, has introduced a unique feature that empowers users to manage their data flow at will during a streaming session, minimizing its usage and substantially extending the validity of their data plans, realizing immense savings for end-users across both mobile and Wi-Fi networks.



How would you commute while you are broke? Well, let your friends come to you rescue using the FrndiNeed app! It is a socially enabled app that helps in utilising your geo-location to make every day travel smoother, safer and economically viable. Pronounced as “Friend-in-Need”, this app lets you find your nearby friend and ask them for Lift, Poke them for instant plans or even Plan a Meet Up. Users can also use other features including Packing Planner and press the SOS tab for help in urgent situations.  You just need to a Request a lift from within the network of FrndiNeed. All you need to do is locate your friend and call or text asking for lift. After your friend accepts your request, the app would help you with route to reach your friend.