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“Direct Selling Will Be a Key Leader in Marketing in 2022” – Pravin Chandan, Direct Marketing Veteran

New Delhi, Delhi, India:
 In the last 2 years, businesses, governments, and organizations had to adjust to a rapidly changing environment as a result of the pandemic. Industries saw both internal and external transformations as the manner of operation shifted from offline to online, from office to home, and from centralized to decentralized. These developments were also felt in the country’s Direct Selling business. However, due to its distinct flexible operating strategy, it was significantly more resistant to the pandemic’s severe alterations. The decentralization of operations that most industries experienced during the pandemic, for example, had already been fully absorbed into the direct selling industry. People in the direct selling industry adapted to the new normal more quickly since they had been schooled in the method long before the pandemic struck. “The direct selling industry rebuilt and altered its operations throughout the pandemic’s uncertain period by increasing flexibility, decentralization, and remote working,” says Pravin Chandan.It employed technological interventions in training and upskilling to boost individual talents, successfully combining the online world with customized selling. This improved the industry’s ability to provide remote connections while also improving livelihoods through economic participation at the grassroots level.In both the formal and informal sectors, the pandemic brought with it substantial concerns including unemployment, wage reduction, and work displacements. For individuals who are impacted, direct selling serves as an appealing alternative career path with additional income prospects that is independent of the unpredictable job markets. As people look for new and alternative forms of income that are solid and predictable, the direct selling business has become increasingly enticing. Millions of people found work in the industry, which proved a lifeline for many of the families affected by the pandemic.Current job prospects are well behind the massive demand for jobs expected in the future decade. According to a study, India will have the world’s highest working-age population by the end of the decade. Direct selling may provide self-sufficiency at the grassroots level by opening doors for the working-age population and generating long-term earning prospects. In addition, India’s digitization is propelling the direct selling business in a new direction. Firms are investing in online training and development tools, which are developing transparent self-sustaining business models in entrepreneurship, in addition to employing technology for marketing and distribution. India continues to face enormous challenges as a result of the pandemic. “Being flexible to the pandemic’s ever-changing shapes is the key to survival as the country tries its best to navigate through its ups and downs. That is exactly what the direct selling sector has to offer,” says Pravin Chandan.While direct selling will, as mentioned above, be a key leader in marketing in 2022, in order to see better results in 2022, firstly, it is important to identify goals and divide them down into actionable steps. The greatest method to work smarter in a direct selling company is to understand the objectives first and then, the activities required to achieve them. It must be broken down into milestones and objectives in order to know what to focus on each day, week, and month in order to achieve them. Parties/shows/demonstrations, repeat customer orders, recruiting, team sales, marketing, follow-up, and customer support are all examples of these activities. It can further be broken down into weekly objectives and daily tasks after it is known what has to be performed each month.It is also important to concentrate on activities that generate income. To work smarter and achieve objectives faster, focus must be placed on tasks that generate income. Customer orders, parties, recruitment, and team building are examples of activities that lead to a monetary transaction. “Spend the majority of time on direct marketing, follow-up, connection building, parties, hiring, and assisting staff in growing the business,” says Pravin Chandan.Additionally, one must pay attention and sell the solution. Many direct selling businesses give scripts to aid in the sale of their product or service. While these might help in learning more about the product and deal with objections, sales is all about providing a solution to a customer’s problem. The pitch must be adjusted such that a solution is being provided to the problem by first qualifying the brand’s contact and then listening to their demands.To stand out among the thousands of others who work in direct selling, brands must distinguish themselves. Telling the brand’s own narrative is a terrific method to achieve this because no one has the same tale. “One’s brand is the most important distinction in the market, and customers who connect with the brand and its story are more likely to want to buy from the brand. It’s also something that no other salesperson can match,” says Pravin Chandan. Offering a better level of service or a loyalty programme, as well as customizing what is provided, are other methods to differentiate a brand. A website can also be created and marketing tools can be used to help display a distinctive style and distinguish a brand from the competition.It is essential in the direct selling business that the salespersons use and love what they are selling. Customers can tell when a salesperson is just giving them a sales pitch and when they are actually enthusiastic about what they are selling. “The most successful direct sales representatives utilize and like the things they sell. They speak about them with zeal, which aids in their sales,” says Pravin Chandan. Using one’s own products and services also provides personal experiences and knowledge that can be shared with potential consumers in an honest and truthful manner.Be persistent. In the search for “yeses,” a lot of “nos” will be encountered, which might be frustrating. Frustration, on the other hand, is an inevitable component of running a successful direct sales business. The trick is to remain persistent even after receiving a “no.”Know where to find the market. Sending a message specifically to the individuals who are most likely to buy what is being sold works better than general advertising and marketing. “What websites do they visit, periodicals do they read, organizations do they belong to, and so forth? This is where one should concentrate their marketing efforts,” says Pravin Chandan.;