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Restaurants Pivot To Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Model, POSist Plays Technology Enabler with Online Ordering System

POSist, a leading cloud-based restaurant technology platform, serving over 8,000 restaurants in 20 countries, introduces Online Ordering System for restaurants and cloud kitchens to enable Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) channel through the in-house website and mobile app for ordering food.


Online Ordering Website of Suzette Gourmet


Online D2C channels such as websites, social media and messaging platforms allow restaurateurs to set up their own digital storefront, customize the guest experience, manage online orders, and open new revenue streams in addition to third-party networks, ultimately enabling them to adapt to the new normal of dining.


POSist Online Ordering Features


Three-fold jump in food ordering during April – June 2020

During the lockdown phase, approximately 8,000 restaurants and cloud kitchens using POSist registered an almost 3X increase in food deliveries between April to June 2020 as compared to the previous year. The average order value also jumped by 2X from the pre-COVID level. Based on these metrics, it is evident that Takeaway and Home Delivery have become major sources of revenue for the restaurant industry amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


Team Suzette Gourmet (left to right) Jérémie Sabbagh, Antonia Achache and Pierre Labail


Restaurants Pivoting to D2C Amid COVID-19

Given the reduced footfall and social distancing norms, profit margins have taken a hit in the restaurant industry. As a result, many restaurants have either completely moved or started their deliveries. To scale the delivery business, it is imperative for restaurants to make their online experiences even more extraordinary as compared to the dine-in restaurants.


Opening new revenue streams

Restaurants can make use of the online ordering software by integrating with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and third-party apps such as loyalty programs, mobile wallets, and cloud telephony among other services to drive more revenue. In addition to already existing food aggregator channels, having an in-house website helps in brand building and amplifies the revenue opportunities. It’s a win-win situation for both restaurants and customers.


Echoing these thoughts, Sumit Gulati, Founder, Spice Market Kitchen & Bar, and promoter of Delhi-based cloud kitchens Call Chotu and Nayi Dilli Ke Paranthe said, “Restaurants must continue to strengthen integrations and build an omnichannel presence. Now is the time when brands must invest in all possible channels to reach customers. Food aggregator platforms continue to be the most popular medium for consumers at large, however, selling directly to the consumer with owned platforms like Website and WhatsApp is emerging as a more attractive and cost-effective channel. We have witnessed a 70% jump in orders from WhatsApp since the lockdown started in March. COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to be where the customer is, that’s right inside their smartphone screens.”


Improved guest experience

The restaurant business thrives on the relationship with the guests, and having a website gives a restauranteur the advantage of gathering important customer information, order patterns, and insights to their likes and dislikes which can be used to create better engagement. Additionally, POSist provides a range of customizable layouts for restaurants to give a personalized experience to their guests by showing them designer menus with photos and rich content.


Easy order management

Once the POSist Online Ordering page is created, any new changes and updates in menus, business hours, or business information will automatically sync with the central POS system. The admin managing the tool can easily manage online orders and processes from acceptance to delivery.


Known for its healthy, organic menu, Suzette, one of the most popular bakeries in Mumbai, houses all of the brands- Kitchen Garden, Suzette, Suzette Bakery, and Kitchen Garden Deli-on its online platform (Powered by POSist). Pierre Labail, Co-Owner, Suzette Gourmet said, “Consumer brands like ours are expected to focus on creating value and building trust. Last month we fully moved all four of our brands to our in-house website to manage direct delivery. Having our own channel gave us a complete view of customers, and took complete ownership of deliveries. POSist’s online ordering works seamlessly with the POS system, maintaining and updating the website is like a breeze.”


“The restaurant industry is taking constructive steps to embrace new ways of doing business such as pivoting to cloud kitchens, opting for digital technologies, and investing in high-quality hygiene. Working with over 8,000 restaurants, we realized that brands urgently need to own their online experience to be able to connect with customers the same way they used to do offline in the pre-COVID days. POSist online ordering allows restaurant operators to set up their own digital storefront, customize the guest experience, manage orders, ultimately be able to ready the business for the future,” said Ashish Tulsian, Co-founder and CEO, POSist Technologies.


POSist can be used by restaurants of all formats and sizes including, Fine-Dine Restaurants, Casual Dining Restaurants, QSRs, Hotel Restaurants, Food Courts, Bar & Breweries, and Cloud or Dark Kitchens. The company works with some of the leading brands across the world including Lite Bite Foods, Taco Bell, Jamie’s Italian, UK based Millie’s Cookies, Suzette Gourmet, Spice Market, Olive Bar & Kitchen among others.


About POSist Technologies

Launched in 2012, POSist is a leading cloud-based restaurant technology platform suited for restaurants of all sizes. POSist offers scalable, reliable, and easy to use point-of-sale technology, enabling businesses to automate operations, integrate with aggregators, delight guests, and grow their revenue. 


Headquartered in New Delhi, POSist has over 100 employees with offices in Dubai, Mexico, New York, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune. POSist is trusted by over 8,000 restaurants in 20 countries and 100 cities worldwide.


POSist offers comprehensive integrations with over 100+ platforms to enable the effortless functioning of restaurants of all sizes and formats. The suite of integrations includes Accounting Software, Online-ordering Platforms, Digital Wallets, Cloud Telephony Software, Table Reservation platforms, Loyalty Programs, and Delivery Integration with top online food aggregators, globally.


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