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Sustainable Fashion: 4 Committed Brands

One of the industries that pose serious threats to the environment is the fashion industry. The increasing popularity of fast fashion and heavy usage of materials like cotton are some of the leading problems in the industry. For instance, fast fashion leads to greater accumulation of clothing materials in a landfill among other issues while large quantities of water are required for planting cotton. A recent study by Betway provided more insight into the effects of fast fashion on the world.

Solving these problems requires a holistic approach that includes proactive actions from all parties – consumers, brands, and governments. Fortunately, many brands have taken in the numerous discussions about the environmental implications of their processes and subsequently make changes to their processes and procedures. They are going greener in favor of the environment; the following 4 brands have put in impressive work.

Stella McCartney

This luxury fashion brand leads the way in producing eco-friendly high-fashion. All their products, including fabrics and vegan shoes, feature an impressive attention to detail. The brand was launched with sustainability in mind hence all their processes and procedures have always been eco-friendly. If you want minimalist fashion styles with a quirky side, Stella McCartney is one of the best options on the market.


This brand, based in LA, US, embracing best practices such as paying employees fair wages and using eco-friendly materials and processes in their production. The company uses sustainable materials and recycled fabrics for all its products. Reformation is also committed to transparency hence all the environmental impacts of each item are given. This is an excellent move by the brand because many brands that claim to embrace sustainability still engage in dangerous processes. Therefore, Reformation is a reliable brand. If you are looking for stylish classics that you will enjoy for multiple seasons, Reformation has what you need. Plus-size customers also have great options to select from.

Alternative Apparel

This brand offers more young and trendy styles that most lovers of fast fashion will find very great yet sustainable fabrics are used for most of their products. Frankly, differentiating some of their products, based on appearance, from what you get from fashion brands can be quite difficult but the attention to detail, ethics, and sustainability are better. Some of their best products are activewear and loungewear. The rights of workers are also protected.


Able was founded to help women escape endemic poverty, labeling itself an ethical brand. Similarly, great attention is paid to the environmental impacts of their processes hence are among the best sustainable brands in the industry. Organic materials are used for creating simple items with a casual-chic style that most users will find great.

These four brands show that fashion must go beyond getting something trendy but also sustainable. Therefore, users must pay more attention to the impacts of what they choose to wear on the environment. As users demand more sustainable products, brands will keep cutting out harmful processes. Giant brands like Nike, Adidas, and Zara have also made impressive sustainable changes according to Betway research.