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7 Tips for Making Your Staycation Fun and Entertaining

Staycation is an excellent way to spend your holidays focusing more on your relaxation and yourself than on the surroundings. Besides, it is much more cost-effective compared to traveling abroad or across the country, as you save money on tickets and accommodation while still having local attractions to visit.

If you are worried that your staycation will turn out to be boring and uninspiring, this article is for you. Below, we will share 7 tips to help you enjoy your staycation, ranging from catching up on reading, trying out your luck in an online casino, and visiting a spa facility to exploring your surroundings, inviting friends for brunch, and so on. Read on and have fun!

Stay at a Great Hotel With a Good Location

Many people think that the staycation should take place at home, but it is not necessarily so. Staying in a hotel can add a lot of fun to your staycation because you can try out different experiences and savor the luxury.

Before booking your staycation, however, do some research on hotels nearby. While staying at a hotel in another city sounds like a good idea, as you will be able to explore different places, that will require additional money.

Try Your Luck in an Online Casino

You can also use your staycation to try your luck in an online casino. This option is perfect for those who do not have free time for going to a real casino or do not want to leave their home just to gamble or play some games.

You can play the best online casino games from your phone or computer without any interruptions from other people and without leaving your room. Just remember to find a trustworthy casino – for example, by checking reviews or ratings on websites such as

Enjoy Spa Services

Another way to make your staycation fun is to enjoy spa services at the hotel you choose. If you are lucky, you can get this package included in the price of your accommodation or even as a promotional offer.

Otherwise, you can book it separately and treat yourself to a relaxing day by getting a professional massage, facial, and other spa treatments. Or you can even have one at home! This will help you feel refreshed and relaxed after a long day of exploring the city or simply enjoying time alone.

Use Your Staycation for Some Reading Time

Since you already have enough time to sleep and relax, this is the right time to catch up on reading. Instead of spending hours on social media or binge-watching TV shows online, use them to read a book or two.

It does not matter if you prefer fiction or non-fiction books. The important thing is to spend your time reading something that is interesting for you. If you don’t know which book to choose, check this article for some inspiration.

Visit Local Attractions

If you live near a big city, it may also be nice to visit the landmarks and other popular attractions during your staycation. This could be especially interesting if you have traveled abroad recently and saw all the sights there and now want to visit more places close to home. Make sure to do research beforehand to find the places that you need to see and plan your staycation.

Invite Friends Over for Brunch

Another way to make your staycation fun is to invite friends over for brunch. This can be a great activity for the weekend, as you can spend some quality time with your friends while also exploring the city.

You can choose a hotel or restaurant that serves delicious food and spend your day finding the best dishes on the menu. Or you can do some shopping and make the brunch yourself – or even hold a garden party.

Invite Your Partner Over for Some Romantic Time Together

Finally, you can use this time to enjoy some romantic moments with your partner. And you don’t have to spend much money – just find something that you both will enjoy. For example, you can go out to dinner, or have a walk along the beach, or simply watch Netflix and chill. Whatever you do, remember that it is the person that matters, not the location – and enjoy your time together.


Staycation is an excellent opportunity to relax and have fun at home without spending too much money. And it doesn’t mean spending all your time on the couch binge-watching TV shows – there are many activities you can enjoy alone or together. Booking a hotel room and some spa treatments, trying your luck in online casinos, having your friends or loved one over, visiting local attractions – these are just a few of them.

Just remember to make the best of your staycation, so you can enjoy your time without any regrets. Think about what you want to do, plan it – and relax. We hope that your staycation is perfect – and have fun.