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Long Haul Journeys 101: Keeping Busy When Travelling

A lot of people enjoy travelling, and they really look forward to their holidays. However, the journey itself is often dreaded – especially if it is a long-haul flight, road trip or otherwise long journey. This is because sitting for hours on end in a train, plane, bus, boat, or even car can be very tedious and boring. To eradicate boredom, you need to have a plan. Luckily for you, there are several options for how you can pass the time while travelling to make the time pass by more quickly. Let’s get into it.

Rest Up & Relax

Firstly, if the journey is long, then you are definitely going to want to find a way to relax and rest up to ensure that you are in a good headspace when you get there. Sleeping is not always easy, but a travel pillow, sleeping mask and earplugs can help you to limit distractions around you. Some people also choose to book travel during unsociable hours so that they are more likely to feel tired, as are the other passengers. If you have enough room and it fulfils the luggage requirements, you could also try to relax by doing a sheet mask or skincare routine.


Taking some electronic devices with you when you travel can really provide you with a lot of opportunities. You can take a games console, mobile phone or tablet, whatever you have. In order to save space, taking a phone or a tablet might be better because you can do more with them. There are millions of games online that you can download to play while travelling. Some of which require internet access, and some don’t.

You could also use your travel time to gamble online and raise some money for your holiday. Of course, this won’t necessarily be easy, and you will need Wi-Fi in order to play, but it can help to keep you busy. Ideally, you should be looking for an online casino with an incentive like Jackpot Casino; they offer a bonus to their players, which helps to make the most of your money.

If you scroll down far enough on your chosen social media site when you have a signal, you can scroll for hours without needing an internet signal. Social media is boring for some people, but others love it, and it can be a great way to pass some time. If you have scrolled in order to pre-load content, you need to avoid refreshing the page, or you are likely to lose signal and everything you have loaded.

Finally, before you go, you could also download other forms of content onto your home from whatever streaming service you have subscribed to, like Netflix or Disney+, or if films or series aren’t for you, then you could download a podcast. However, all of these hinge on whether or not you have access to a charger or a power bank and perhaps even an internet connection.

Bring Snacks

While eating snacks won’t necessarily take up much time when travelling, it can help you to feel more comfortable if your stomach isn’t rumbling the whole time. Bringing your own snacks with you can also help you to save money too, which is obviously also beneficial. That being said, the food and drinks that you are allowed to bring with you will be dependent on the mode of travel.

Physical Items

In addition to electronics, there are also several other options. These options all tend to require bringing physical items with you when travelling. If you are into reading, then you could also choose to bring with you that book that you have been meaning to read or a few magazines if you prefer them. If you have a Kindle or something of that nature that houses multiple books, then this would save space.

If you are travelling on something with enough space to do so, then you might want to consider a colouring book. They can be incredibly calming and really great at keeping your levels of stress down, which can be advantageous for nervous travellers. It does depend on whether or not the mode of travel will allow it in terms of stability.

Lastly, you could also choose to do something that works with your brain. This could mean sudokus, crosswords or word searches. You might also want to indulge in one of your hobbies like knitting, crocheting, or even sewing, though, of course, your options will be somewhat limited by the regulations on transport; for example, it is doubtful that you will be allowed to take needles on a plane.

To Conclude

A lot of people tend to place far more value on the destination as opposed to the journey, and this is totally normal. However, you can use travelling as an opportunity to expand your horizons. There are a lot of things that you can do to pass the time. You will need to check whether they fall within the guidelines set out by the mode of transport and the travel company.