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Life in a Bustling Metro City and How to Survive It

Amrita is raising two beautiful children in a metro city and early mornings are busiest times of her day. Sending both kids and husband to school and work respectively, with sufficient nutrition and within time, is no less than a mission for her. But for last few days, she’s feeling lost for breath while leaving the kids on the school bus. Upon consultation, the doctor pointed the finger at the rising pollution levels in the city.

It is true; landlocked metro cities have been experiencing rising air pollution levels, which has increased the incidents of respiratory problems and other diseases.


While you can do little to change the weather conditions, you can stay safe yourself. Here are some common health disciplines which can help you reduce your risk of falling victim to pollution:

Exercise Regularly

Exercising keeps your body more resilient against the toxins in the environment and likewise increases your energy level. Exercising regularly delivers nutrients and oxygen to your whole body helping it to work more efficiently and boost your endurance, which is mostly vital for surviving in metro cities. Also, exercising is good for your heart, it maintains healthy blood pressure and improves blood circulation.

Exercising can also be a fun activity. Make it a part of your most loved daily activities, such as heading off to the playground, walking your dog, or riding your bike.

Minimize Your Exposure to Pollutants

Air pollution is a noteworthy risk factor for chronic pulmonary diseases, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and increases the risks of acute respiratory infections and asthma. So, it’s best to reduce the duration and intensity of your outdoor physical activity when air quality alert has been issued.

You may be amazed to find that children respire at a faster rate than adults, absorb more chemicals, and the toxins stay in their body for longer. So, keep your kids tucked in at home in alarming weather conditions. But if they have to go, no matter how strange they feel about masks, make them wear one to school (this also applies to adults).

You can even monitor air pollution levels before stepping out. Simply download mobile apps that can help provide real-time air quality data from all cities across India.

Use Air Purifiers

The sad reality today is that air pollution is everywhere. And to makes things difficult, the indoor air quality is also worse, yes that’s the truth though hard to believe. In spite all the bad news, the good news is that you can take effective measures to reduce the toxicity of the indoor air by purchasing an air purifier.

When it comes to air purifiers, make sure you choose and buy one that has HEPA filters. These air purifiers provide enhanced protection against the extremely particulate matter.

Be Financially Prepared

Even if you are taking adequate care and cover your nose and mouth while travelling, use masks or stay away from pollutants, there’s no guarantee you won’t fall ill, or develop a breathing disorder or suffer from itchy skin. Along these lines, you must ensure that if something happens, you don’t need to spend thousands and lakhs to get cured.

Your most logical option is to purchase robust health insurance. With insurance in place, you can bear the cost of best possible healthcare.

Also, the evidence that outdoor air pollution increases the risk of cancer has been growing, IARC had already identified diesel engine exhaust and other substances found in air pollution as causes of cancer. While this news isn’t shocking, it features the requirement for action on pollution. This brings in the need for critical illness insurance, which can financially protect you against dreaded disease like cancer. Additional riders including cancer and accidental insurance can be bought along with the term insurance. Best cancer insurance policies in India are easy to manage when bought as a rider with a term insurance plan.

Just as you cannot control the sources of pollution, you cannot control the factors that affect your life in a bustling city. Be it a terminal disease or a fatal road accident or a natural calamity; life is more fragile than you think it is. So, be prepared for the uncertainties of life, and have a realistic attitude to deal with any crises. Term insurance is what you should have to protect your loved ones financially from unfortunate events in the future.

Befriend a Doctor

Your health, age, lifestyle choices are the critical factors impacting what and how often you need healthcare. So, visit your doctor regularly and carry out health exams. This can help find problems before they start or in the early stage, which can increase the chances for your treatment and cure. By getting appropriate health screenings, and treatments, you are taking steps to improve the chances of living a longer, healthier life.

The Bottom Line:

The idea is not to scare you, however, to make you aware of the present situation in metro cities and what all you can do to be protected. Each little step or safety measure taken can lead to a prominent change in your life.