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10 Latest Shinchan Movies You Must Watch

Shin Chan is the fun cartoon at any time of the day, but ever wondered what are the latest ShinChan movies you can watch? – Here are our top 10 recommendation.

Shin Chan is a name that is well-known and cherished by his fervent following of admirers. Shin Chan, a full-fledged family entertainer as it is now, is a guaranteed way to unwind. However, not everything about this period of kids was fantastic. Shin Chan attracts criticism because the figure embodies dark slapstick and black humor, resulting in a lot of changes to its television journey.

Even though his badly received jokes have repeatedly infuriated both his fans and his detractors, Shin Chan is still a household name. TV shows, magazine issues, adorable goods, and many other things characterize the Shin Chan universe.

This article is about the latest Shinchan movies we recommend from the Shin Chan universe of content.

Latest Shinchan Movies

The exploits of five-year-old Shinnosuke “Shin” Nohara (Shin Chan) and his family, including his parents, infant sister, dog, neighbors, and friends, are chronicled in the television series, which is set in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture. With sales of more than 100 million copies and the distinction of being the highest-grossing animated franchise, Shin Chan is still going strong 25 years after its initial release.

Even though you undoubtedly enjoy watching Shin Chan’s escapades on TV, how much do you really know about him? Such as his real name or the possibility that Shin Chan is a real boy! Beyond his brief appearances on screen, this beloved anime character undoubtedly has a deeper story to tell.

Here is the top list of  Shin Chan Movies You Must Watch as follows

Top 10 Latest ShinChan Movies Not to Miss!

Crayon Shin-chan: Mononoke Ninja Chinpūden

One day, a lady named Chiyome Hesogakure arrives at the Nohara home with a kid named Chinz who claims to be Shinnosuke’s biological mother, whisking him away to a Ninja Village. The Hesogakure family has been guarding “the earth’s navel” in Ninja Village by blocking it with a pure gold stopper using the “Mononoke method” that has been passed down from generation to generation. If it falls off, the earth will wither, the rotation will halt, and the world’s “future” will be gone! It is up to Shinnosuke to explain the secret of his origin and defend the future of the planet and the “tomorrow” of his family.

Crayon Shin-chan: Intense Battle! Robo Dad Strikes Back

Shinnosuke’s father is the main character for the first time in the Crayon Shin-chan film series. Shinnosuke’s father, Hiroshi, is transformed into a robot in this film.[6] When his father goes to have a massage to help him with his injured back, he comes home as a robot “with a snort more forceful than an electric fan!”   The “father revolution” breaks out across the country in 2014. In these trying times, Robot Dad and Shinnosuke must safeguard their family.

Crayon Shin-chan: Crash! Graffiti Kingdom and Almost Four Heroes

The plot of the film revolves around a floating country named Rakuga Kingdom and a “magical crayon” (the name is a pun on the word “rakugaki” meaning “scribbling”). The kingdom receives its energy from scribbles, but lately, they have been dwindling, threatening the kingdom’s collapse. To rescue the country, the military began kidnapping and forcing youngsters to write. 

Crayon Shin-chan: Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkazu Academy

The film’s plot opens with Shinnosuke and his buddies from “Kasukabe Defence Force” having a one-week stay in “Tenkatōitsu Kasukabe Private Academy” (nicknamed “Tenkazu”), an exclusive boarding school that is administrated by a state-of-the-art AI, “Otsmun”. All students are given a badge with 1000 points at the start, and their points are increased/decreased by Otsmun based on their actions and academic success. Someone strikes Kazama inside.

As a result, his IQ suffers, and odd bite marks appear on his buttocks. The Kasukabe Defense Force joins up with the school’s former athlete and dropout student council president Chishio Atsuki to assemble a crew of investigators and investigate the mystery.

Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane ~The Lost Hiroshi

Hiroshi and Misae have never gone on an overseas honeymoon excursion. Misae discovered an affordable and family-friendly vacation package to Australia one day, and the Nohara family decided to make it their first honeymoon vacation. Hiroshi is abducted upon his arrival in Australia, leaving Shinnosuke, Misae, and others on a perilous voyage. Hiroshi is shown to be the key to a hidden treasure.

While a mysterious masked man and treasure hunters from all over the world are seeking Hiroshi, the other members of the Nohara Family must rescue him. In this action-packed treasure-seeking adventure, three separate parties are at odds.

The narrative is similar to that of the 1994 film Crayon Shin-chan: The Hidden Riches of the Buri Buri Kingdom, with the notions of “cheap overseas travel,” “being abducted and hunted,” and “key to treasure” being present. In that film, Misae had won a vacation package to Buri Buri Kingdom, Shinnosuke, who was abducted, was the key to the kingdom’s secret riches, and the family was pursued by treasure hunters.

Crayon Shin-chan: Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys ~Ramen Rebellion

Shinnouske’s father, Kasukabe, was watching TV when it was broadcast that a guy grew enraged after eating ramen. When Shin chan and his friends were rehearsing for the school sports day dance at his school, they noticed that the seniors in the rose group class were tormenting their friend Masao. Masao, who is often a crybaby, instead becomes bold and powerful, allowing him to protect himself. Shin chan and his buddies follow Masao since they find his conduct strange.

Masao walks along a street that leads to Chinatown. Masao was training by balancing a water basin on his head in that town. When Shin Chan yelled, he informed them he was learning Kung Fu, a Chinese martial technique. Then they encountered the master and Ran chan (the the master’s first student).

They discovered Shin chan was very slow to learn Kung Fu and wanted him to learn it as well. A land bully from the Black Panda ramen store appeared out of nowhere, demanding their land. The Kung Fu experts, the Sausage brothers, accompanied him. However, the master quickly overcame them, and the youngsters consented to study Kung Fu.

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Crayon Shin-chan: Super-Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride

In the future, a grown-up Shin-chan is turned to stone by the father of his fiancée (Tamiko Kaneari). Disgusted by Shin-destiny, chan’s she flies back in time using a time machine to get 5-year-old Shin-chan to assist her in saving his adult self. Shin-chan and his buddies (Kazama, Nene, Masao, and Bo) are discussing their ambition in the present when Tamiko enters and transports them to the future.

They get separated from Tamiko after they arrive and take safety at Shin-old chan’s residence. They encounter an elderly Hiroshi (who has gone bald) and Misae (affected with Metabolic Syndrome). Despite their new look, they retain their kind demeanor. They explain to little Shin-chan and his buddies that while Kaneari (Tamako’s father) and his corporation took over Japan, the falling of a massive meteorite stopped sunlight from reaching the Earth.

Crayon Shin-chan: Roar! Kasukabe Animal Kingdom

Mamoru Shizime, the new mayor of Kasukabe, has begun ecological efforts. While cleaning the riverside, Shinnosuke picks up a little mystery bottle holding a pale green liquid and carries it home. At night, Hiroshi and Misae inadvertently consume that. They then eventually turn into mammals. Hiroshi transforms into a rooster, while Misae transforms into a leopardess. When Shinnosuke’s buddies visit them, a strange organization commanded by a guy named Bunbetsu comes and tries but fails to capture them.

They manage to escape with the assistance of a woman named Victoria, but they are finally apprehended because Hiroshi, who was transformed into a rooster, travelled in the wrong way, leading to Bunbetsu’s Corn Trap. They are taken before Mamoru Shizime, the leader of the “Save Keeping Beautiful Earth” (SKBE), who is carrying out the “Human Animalization Strategy,” a plan to curb environmental degradation by transforming humans into animals.

Even Hiroshi and Misae drank the “Human Animalization drink,” which he created for the plan and converted people into animals. And if a human drinks it and turns into an animal, all memories of being a human are lost forever.

Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! Operation Golden Spy

A young girl tries to infiltrate the World Human Research Center in pursuit of “Megahegaderu 2,” only to be told that a “Spare Key” is necessary to collect Megahegaderu 2. While playing, Shin-chan is approached by Lemon Sunomono (the previous girl), who exposes herself to be a spy. She informs Shin-chan that Action Mask (Shin-idol) chan’s is recruiting youngsters as spies and that he and she have been selected to carry out a vital task for Action Mask, which entails recovering an essential capsule from an evil doctor.

Lemon then begins teaching Shin-chan; throughout these sessions, she is contacted by her mother Lime through a gadget that they call Shin-chan “Spare Key.” Shin-buddies, chan’s Kazama, Nene, Masao, and Bo, believe Lemon is a recruiter for a TV show in which Shin-chan has been cast. The bad doctor’s soldiers abruptly assault them, and Lemon is able to shove the guys back with the support of Shin-buddies chan’s (owing to their belief).

Lemon’s escorted (a 20-year-old lady) drives them to Shin-place. chan’s Lemon informs Shin-chan on the way that if he completes his goal, he will be able to meet Action Mask. During dinner, Lemon informs Shin-parents chan’s (Hiroshi and Misae) that her parents are government officials with a severe personalities. All of this is genuine, except for the fact that her parents are spies for a covert organization.

Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack!

Hiroshi is assigned to pick cactus fruit and is sent to Mexico. As a result, the Nohara family is compelled to go to Mexico and reside there. They cried as they said their goodbyes to their friends and the people of Kasukabe. Shinchan is excited about this excursion after hearing that young Mexican females are trendy and gorgeous. When they arrive in Madakueruyobaka, Mexico, they face a new existence full of uncertainty, surrounded by unusual neighbors. But Shinnosuke and the Nohara family had no idea flesh-eating killer cactuses were on their way. It is now up to the Nohara family and Mexico’s neighbors to solve this problem.

At first, Hiroshi had intended to travel alone. Misae, however, was adamantly opposed to this. She contended that it would hinder their children’s development and said that a family is pointless if everyone is absent. As a result, it was determined that Hiroshi would go to Mexico with his family. Everyone was astonished when Miss Yoshinaga stated at Futaba Kindergarten that Shinnosuke would be leaving Kasukabe and relocating to Mexico. Except for Kazama-Kun, who feigned not to be unhappy and maintained his composure, every member of the Kasukabe Defense Group showed signs of sadness. Ai-chan sobbed for Shin-chan because she had a crush on him.