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15 Best Alien Cartoon Movies And TV Shows

Embark on an extraterrestrial adventure with the “Best Alien Cartoon” movies and TV shows. Unleash your imagination as animated tales introduce captivating beings from other planets.

One of the best things about cartoons is that there are no visual restrictions on the stories that may be told. Absolutely anything that can be imagined can be depicted in a drawing. As a result, cartoons and animated shows introduce us to a wide range of people, including visitors from other planets. Similar to the recently published best spy cartoons, we recommend some of the best alien cartoon movies and tv shows in this article.

Today we’d like to discuss our favorite aliens from cartoon shows. Enjoy! Monsters, dinosaurs, and other colorful beasts captivate many children. When it comes to movies, these well-designed creatures are ideal characters for capturing the attention of younger audiences. Aliens are familiar with adult horror and sci-fi films, but more lovable extraterrestrials can be found throughout children’s media.

Best Alien Cartoon Movies And TV Shows

Furthermore, children’s films frequently have an upbeat and optimistic tone. They clearly distinguish between right and wrong and typically address societal concerns to which youngsters can connect. Alien cartoons in storylines make things much more entertaining and exciting for younger audiences. While more mature genres use aliens as plot devices in horror or complex science plots, children’s films take a more relaxing and often healthy approach to these beings. This list includes more must-see extraterrestrial kid’s alien cartoon movies.

Mars Needs Mothers

Milo embarks on a mission to save his mother after a secret society on Mars kidnaps her to improve their “nanny-bots.” His voyage, during which he befriends Gribble, a childlike human, and Ki, a renegade Martian, aids in healing his connection with his mother and demonstrates to the Martians a more compassionate manner of parenting their children.

Looking past the characters’ uncanny valley appearances in Mars Needs Mothers can be difficult. Nonetheless, this should be used to avoid judging the film. Mars Needs Mothers has an innovative, humorous, and heartfelt plot. Furthermore, it incorporates the voices of well-known celebrities such as Seth Green and Joan Cusack. This extraterrestrial cartoon film should be noticed.

Monsters vs. Aliens

In Monsters vs. Aliens, an asteroid containing Quantonium lands on Susan’s wedding day. Remarkably, she gets it to the altar before transforming into a behemoth. The US government then kidnaps the enormous bride and forces her to join a monstrous team.

Gallaxhar, the malevolent extraterrestrial obsessed with Quantonium, sends his robot probes to acquire the priceless mineral. Many admirers regard this animated sci-fi story as one of DreamWorks Animation’s most incredible. Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, and Rainn Wilson provide humorous voices for the central characters as they fight Gallaxhar’s clones and robot aliens.

Ferb and Phineas

Phineas and Ferb in the Movie: Candace Against the Universe follows Phineas and Ferb as they team up with Dr. Doofenshmirtz to save Candace and Vanessa from alien abduction. With Doofenshmirtz’s Galaxy Travel-inator, the hero’s journey to Feebla-Oot, a planet controlled by Super Super Big Doctor.

Phineas and Ferb are undoubtedly one of the best Disney shows of the previous few decades. It’s healthy, frequently ridiculous, and has a sophisticated sense of humor that even adults love.

The movie Phineas and Ferb: Candace Versus the Universe has a similar feel to the animation. Lilo and Stitch, a renowned Disney animated film, portrays the story of a lonely Hawaiian girl who lives with her elder sister. As they go to the animal shelter to look for a companion for Lilo, she misidentifies Stitch as a dog. Despite this, she adopts the extraterrestrial after falling in love with his odd behavior.

Lilo and Stich is a touching story about the value of family. Even though Stitch is from another world and was designed to destroy, he bonds with Lilo, and she teaches the galaxy’s most-wanted alien to care for others. With the first film’s popularity, the franchise expanded to include three more films.

Lilo And Stitch

Lilo and Stitch, a renowned Disney animated film, portrays the story of a lonely Hawaiian girl who lives with her elder sister. As they go to the animal shelter to look for a companion for Lilo, she misidentifies Stitch as a dog. Despite this, she adopts the extraterrestrial after falling in love with his odd behavior.

Lilo and Stitch is a touching story about the value of family. Even though Stitch is from another world and was designed to destroy, he bonds with Lilo, and she teaches the galaxy’s most-wanted alien to care for others. With the first film’s popularity, the franchise expanded to include three more films.

The Gremlins

In Gremlins, the protagonist’s father brings home a beautiful new pet named Gizmo that he found in China. The alien species is known as the Mogwai, and they were created on a faraway planet to bring peace to adjacent civilizations before arriving on Earth. This species, however, is unstable since it reproduces quickly and goes through metamorphosis before converting into minor green troublemakers.

Gremlins was released in 1984 with a 15 rating, later reduced to PG-13 months. Nowadays, children are exposed to so much more. Thus this comedy/horror film appears moderate by today’s standards. Yet, many reviewers see the aged classic as one of the most iconic films of the 1980s. Many people who were children at the time still have fond memories of Gremlins.

Chicken Little

Ace “Chicken Little” Cluck, a little rooster who got a loser reputation after convincing everyone that the sky was falling, is played by Zach Braff in Chicken Little. A year later, Chicken Little and his buddies realize by chance that an alien invasion is taking place on Earth.

Chicken Little, based on the traditional legend “Henny Penny,” depicts aliens as foes, but not in a threatening way. In reality, these characters aren’t even the film’s primary focus. It’s more about Ace’s relationship with his dad. This film is healthy enough for children to enjoy but not so childish that adults would find it uninteresting. Even an adult could watch it.

Home (2015)

The color-changing alien race Boov relocates all humans to the Australian outback and makes Earth their new home in Home. Jim Parsons, best known for his role as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, provides the voice of the extraterrestrial protagonist Oh.

Despite his optimistic and friendly nature, Oh is not popular among his species and needs help establishing friends. Chicken Little is suitable for both children and adults. Despite the planet-wide invasion and Oh’s pidgin English, he befriends a friendly girl named Tip.

While fleeing Boov patrol, the alien misfit assists her in her trek to find her mother. Home also includes the voices of Steve Martin and performers Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna, whose tracks are also heard throughout the movie.

Christopher Lloyd

Tim O’Hara (Jeff Daniels) is a struggling news producer when a Martian (Christopher Lloyd) crashes landings in his town. Tim initially sees the Martian as a way to relaunch his producing career. When an evil governmental corporation attempts to capture the alien, they form an unusual bond.

My Favorite Martian follows Uncle Martin, as Tim refers to the Martian, on his amusing exploration of Earth. Lloyd’s performance as Martin is both funny and weird. The film was not well received then, but a rewatch reveals that it needed to be more appreciated.

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is a massive robot, but he’s also an extraterrestrial super-weapon, making him something of an alien. The film is set in 1957 in Maine when Hogarth discovers the massive contraption in the woods near the fictional hamlet of Rockwell. Jennifer Aniston, Christopher McDonald, and Vin Diesel star as the metal-eating invader in The Iron Giant.

The narrative of a nine-year-old boy’s friendship with a massive mechanical alien immediately became famous among children. The Iron Giant evoked nostalgic feelings in people worldwide and is an underappreciated animated film from the 1990s.

Space Jam (Live action & Animation)

Swackhammer, the main enemy of Space Jam, is voiced by Danny DeVito. When he learns about the Looney Tunes, he instructs his extraterrestrial collaborators to bring the cartoon characters to him so he may enslave them and make them into new attractions for his Moron Mountain theme park.

After agreeing to resolve their differences over a basketball game, the aliens capture Michael Jordan while the Warner Bros. icons grab the talent of some of the top NBA players. The popular ’90s film combines live action and animation while preserving the slapstick humor of vintage cartoons. It’s a winning combo that will appeal to kids everywhere. Space Jam may be dated, but it is still one of the best space cartoon movies for kids.

Astro Kid

Willy is separated from his parents in Astro Kid after their spaceship is stranded in an asteroid field on their journey back to Earth. When his evacuation pod crashes on an unfamiliar planet, the 10-year-old is told to wait for rescuers with his personal survival module, Buck. On the other hand, Willy leaves the pod and decides to explore his new surroundings.

The strange world is full of vibrant ecosystems and unknown species. Willy encounters frightening monsters and unusual aliens, including Flash, a dog-like creature accompanying the traveler. The protagonist is determined to demonstrate to himself and his parents that he is brave, resilient, and capable of becoming a true space explorer. Astro Boy has received positive feedback from critics and is adored by countless.


Planet 51

Planet 51 follows a civilization of green people who live in a culture similar to that of the United States in the 1950s. However, when an astronaut lands on their home planet, the human is the alien. Captain Charles must befriend the natives after landing on Planet 51 to avoid the paranoid authorities and return to Earth.

The fun film has one of the most vital first impressions and charming characters voiced by Dwayne Johnson, Justin Long, and Gary Oldman. Many people critique Planet 51’s slightly distinct animation style. Nonetheless, due to the extraterrestrial dramatis personae, it engages young viewers, and many fans see it as one of the best-animated movies of the 2000s.

E.T, the Extra-Terrestrial

The legendary film E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial, was released forty years ago. This alien kids movie depicts the story of Eliott, a little boy who discovers an alien that has been left behind on Earth. He hides his findings and E.T. from his mother and the public spotlight. The extraterrestrial fulfills Elliott’s yearning for a close friend, and as a result of their strong friendship, the two soon exhibit identical physical and emotional features.

Despite some slight fear, E.T. was adored by many young viewers and continues to enchant audiences today. The famous film does an excellent job entertaining children because of its riveting narrative, sympathetic characters, and young protagonist. Many consider Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial one of his best films.

Strange World 

Strange World has been praised for featuring Disney’s first openly LGBTQ+ protagonists, Ethan, Searcher, and Jaeger, who must reconcile their expectations while exploring a new planet.

They apologize to one other while searching for a plant that could become an energy source for their people. Odd World is a whimsical look at generational trauma that incorporates a variety of strange animals. The best example is Splat, a bioluminescent creature from Avalonia who becomes Ethan’s companion. The character was well-liked by the audience.


The titular villainous protagonist of Megamind arrives in Earth’s Metro City after being sent away as a young alien. At school, he meets his competitor, Metro Man, who has superpowers and is far more popular than him in everything. Megamind quickly determines that he is doomed to pursue a life of villainy due to jealousy and resentment. The soundtrack has rock music that reflects his bad-guy persona.

Will Ferrell play the titular extraterrestrial in a comic role? The film also has an all-star voice cast, which includes Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, and Jonah Hill. Megamind is another example of a DreamWorks Animation film that children and adults can appreciate.