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5 Elements That Make a Good Professional Voicemail Greeting 

A professional voicemail greeting is a crucial part of any communication strategy that is often overlooked by many. It could even be the reason for your campaigns’ failures.

If you’re looking for tips on how to create the best voicemail greeting for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Follow this guide so you can create a voicemail greeting that has callers eager to continue contact with you.

1. Basic Information

Phone greetings are the first thing your contacts hear when they call, so you need to ensure they receive a warm welcome. Right after that, it’s important to provide the caller with the most crucial information, so they feel directed to the right place or comforted knowing they made the right choice to call.

The bare minimum of any recording should include the company’s name, the hours (so people have an idea of when they may hear back), and potentially the agent’s name if it’s a direct voicemail. Moreover, it is recommended to provide alternative contact information, including an email address.

2. Validation

You need to take into consideration that the greatest professional voicemail greetings are characterized by being polite and always thanking the caller for taking their time to call and spend some minutes of their day with you. In addition, a professional voicemail greeting always apologizes for missing the call and explains the reason why this is happening.

While all of this might sound unnecessary, the truth is you need to do it not only to show the proper respect but also to prevent losing a client. This way, the voicemail greeting you record should always show gratitude and regret.

3. Motivation

Naturally, motivation is one of the most important elements of a great professional voicemail, given the fact this is what is going to captivate the caller on the other line and grab its attention.

We’re talking about finding a way to make the caller remain on the line long enough so they can hear your whole message, which is always a very important step to making a client and preventing losing a potential one. Of course, there are different types of strategies to make this happen in the most efficient manner, including the use of a friendly tone of voice to deliver the message and especially making the caller wait for their turn to speak in the recording you create.

4. Length

You want to keep the voicemail greetings short. People tend to get bored easily while listening to different types of recordings. This is important to keep in mind when you’re tempted to overwhelm the caller with information.

It’s recommended to keep the voicemail greetings within 10 seconds minimum and 30 seconds maximum. The vast majority of clients will truly appreciate that the message is delivered in a short and concise manner. They just want the most important information as soon as possible.

5. Stay Up To Date

People get bored every time they see or hear the same thing over and over again. This is a reality that many companies face when recording a voicemail greeting — they recorded the perfect voicemail greeting, so why are callers tuning out and hanging up?

You need to make sure that your voicemail greetings are regularly updated. Giving a fresh new spin will ensure that the client will stay tuned for the message.

Final Thoughts

By using each of these five elements, your voicemail greeting will be good enough to captivate your client and even attract new customers who call. Create an informative script and practice the message you want to deliver to prevent any missteps in the recording process.