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Top 9 Notion Templates for ADHD [Free and Paid]

Boost focus and productivity with Notion templates for ADHD.

Especially if you’re easily side-tracked, Notion templates for ADHD are like amazing assistants for getting things done. Picture your Notion becoming a focused sanctuary with your goals, your coffee, and these templates. These are your ADHD friends, not just pages. They take your disorganized thoughts and transform productivity into a cinematic experience.

notion templates for ADHD

Now let’s explore Notion ADHD templates in more detail. It’s about leveraging your unique qualities to become superheroes, not simply about duties. Prepare yourself for an enjoyable voyage with Notion, where order meets chaos and your to-do list turns into a victory dance!

Notion ADHD Life Planner 3.0

The purpose of the ADHD Life Planner 3.0 is to organize your concerns. It’s your one-stop shop for budgeting, developing wholesome habits, and optimizing productivity. This planner is here to help if you’re sick of feeling overburdened and unable to keep up with life. It’s more than simply a template; it’s your pass to productivity, focus, and control.


It helps you overcome impulsivity and overcome activities related to ADHD with tools including a budgeting tracker, a morning routine tracker, and FOCUS mode. For professionals, professionals in training, entrepreneurs, and anybody else looking to live a more focused and organized life, this easily navigable Notion template is revolutionary.

  • An income and expense tracker is one of Notion ADHD Life Planner’s features.
  • Automated reminders that guarantee regular payment of financial obligations.
  • Maintain project objectives, tasks, and progress tracking in a timely manner.
  • Automated checklists that establish the foundation for a productive day.

ADHD Focus Planner

Introducing the ADHD Focus Planner, your digital assistant that helps you regain focus by filtering out distracting information. You’re in the proper place if you feel like your everyday life is a maze because you have ADHD. It is your ally in taking back control, making thoughtful goal-setting decisions, and going at your own speed.  This calendar resonates with anybody who is eager to organize their life, time, and mind, whether they are working at a desk or just relaxing with their laptop. 

Its six color-coded sections, which are each like a mini-mission, will help you reach your objectives, get clarity, recall things, and increase your level of productivity. Ever feel bewildered when using a new device? Not in this place! To help you navigate this planner wonderland, there is a playlist with video tutorials. There is no worry; it’s like having a friend guide you through.

ADHD Focus Planner features include:

  • A flexible planning system
  • A self-care toolkit
  • a home mastery section, and a video guide

ADHD-Friendly Life Planner

When you meet your ADHD-Friendly Life Planner, it’s like having a superhero planner that handles goals, finances, wellness, fitness, nutrition, travel, and schoolwork all in one. Imagine having all the necessary pages in one convenient location, for everything from keeping track of your money to documenting your fitness progress, all with automatically updated templates that ensure you’re always using the newest features available in Notion.

The ADHD-Friendly Life Planner’s features include: 

  • Regular updates
  • Stylish and useful
  • Simple navigation.

ADHD Daily Dashboard

Introducing a solution to make your life on Notion easier: the ADHD Daily Dashboard Lite. Your first port of call is Task Management, a simple system for effectively managing your to-do list. Next is the Weekly Schedule, which provides a concise rundown of the entire week and removes any surprises.

But that’s not all. As a mental safety net, the Brain Dump section lets you write down thoughts and reminders to make sure nothing gets missed. This Lite edition seeks to establish a peaceful mental environment in addition to task management. Furthermore, you may record and monitor important information that frequently disappears just when you need it most with the “Never Forget Again” function.

ADHD Daily Dashboard Template’s features:

  • Affirmations and Kind Reminders
  • Written and Video Tutorials
  • Discord Support Community

All-In-One Life Dashboard Template

The All-in-One Life template connects the dots in your life, offering itself as the perfect answer.
Your ambitions will be guided by Life OS, which provides a clear route and celebrates your accomplishments along the way. Organizing your résumé, applications, and follow-up notes makes your job search more efficient.

Culinary endeavors are made simpler with the 3-in-1 solution for recipes, meal planning, and buying. You stay motivated on your fitness quest by keeping track of your workouts in detail and measuring your progress.

All-In-One Life Dashboard Template has the following features:

  • Mood and Journal Tracker
  • Daily Routines and Habit Tracker
  • Recipes and Meal Planning
  • Resume and Job application Manager

Vision Board 2.0

Use the Vision Board 2.0 Notion ADHD Template to elevate your aspirations. With spaces for photos, quotes, and URLs, this adaptable tool aids in keeping your attention on your goals. You can start over with the blank canvas and customize the colors to fit your style. Professionals, learners, and entrepreneurs all skillfully arrange your dreams. With everything in one location, maintain your motivation. It serves as your unique motivation in addition to being a template. Now is the time to unleash your creativity.

Features of the 2.0 Vision Board:

  • Integration with NotionAI
  • Organizational Sections
  • Blank Canvas

Ultimate ADHD Life Planner

with the Ultimate ADHD Life Planner Notion Template, you can unleash the potential of productivity and organization. This template is designed to guarantee a very productive existence that is well-organized.
This all-inclusive template helps with goal setting, personal project management, to-do list generation, habit tracking, and more.

It is made to accommodate daily, weekly, monthly, and annual planning.
It covers a wide range of facets of life with tools including tracking money and expenses, managing contacts and relationships, tracking podcasts, and a separate journal for reading and shows.

Ultimate ADHD Life Planner Template’s features:

  • User-friendly navigation
  • Integrated databases
  • Wellness trackers
  • Year-over-Year Usability

ADHD-Friendly Student Planner

While starting a student journey can be an exciting one, it can also be a chaotic one. Imagine a student planner that is cognizant of ADHD that turns this disarray into a planned journey. Your command center is the main page, which has a Pomodoro timer, a Brain Dump, a Calendar view, and Today’s Agenda. This electronic assistant guarantees that you approach every day with accuracy.

With sections designated for classes, calendars, assignments, notes from class, and projects, you may easily navigate the academic world. The academic materials page and grade calculator help you maintain good study habits.

ADHD-Friendly Student Planner Template’s features:

  • Balanced leisure section
  •  Comprehensive study hub
  •  Financial tracking
  •  Wardrobe management
  •  Effective goal setting
  •  Social media management

Health and Therapy Tracker

Starting a health and therapy journey can be intimidating, particularly for those who have ADHD. The Health + Therapy Tracker [ADHD] Notion Template is a lifesaver, offering support and structure specific to the needs of those with ADHD.

This makes it easy to maintain a thorough log of your therapy and doctor’s appointments. Make notes about assignments, important information to communicate with healthcare providers, or anything else that will help ensure an informed and cooperative approach to your health.

This feature makes sure you can easily refer to and follow your doctor’s recommended course of action and health goals. Linkages to pharmacies, doctor portals, and other resources that are essential to your health journey can be conveniently stored.

Features of Health and Therapy:

  • Detailed Scheduling Monitoring
  • Support for Chronic Illness
  • A to-do list focused on tasks
  • Monthly Calendar View in Visual
  • Consolidate Health Links


In conclusion, accepting individuality and appreciating the beauty of embracing neurodivergence is what our carefully chosen selection of nine ADHD-friendly Notion templates is all about—it’s not just about organizing your life.

These templates, designed specifically for ADHD folks, meet your specific needs whether you’re looking for a more straightforward daily planner, a place to study, or a way to stop impulsive spending.  Every template strives to provide your organizational journey a boost of dopamine through the use of colorful colors and entertaining emojis. It’s important to thrive with ADHD rather than only managing duties.