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Ultimate Guide: How to Turn off SAP on Samsung TV [2024]

Learn how to turn off SAP on Samsung TV.

I’ve had my Samsung TV for approximately three years, and when my mother-in-law came to stay with us, she used it in the afternoon. She wanted to watch the program in Spanish because that is her home tongue, but I didn’t want to add more channels to my already full bundle, so I looked online and discovered an option called SAP (Secondary Audio Programming). This feature is compatible with most new and older Samsung TVs and is beneficial in comparable settings. I turned on SAP, and many of the channels recognized Spanish as an alternate language.

Two weeks after my mother-in-law left, I sat down to watch something and saw that the SAP setting was interfering with the program I was watching. However, I didn’t know how to disable the setting, so I decided to conduct some research. After studying and researching, I discovered numerous solutions to this problem.

To turn off SAP, go to Settings>>General>>Accessibility>>Video Description and select Turn Off. On older models, it is marked as SAP rather than video description.

In addition, I’ll explain how to turn off SAP from a Digital Television Adapter, as many people use DTAs instead of a straight cable or an antenna. This post will explain what SAP is on TV and how to turn it off on Vizio, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic televisions. SAP is abbreviation for Second Audio Programming. This function plays audio tracks in multiple languages. In other words, Sap converts the track to a language other than the one in which it was recorded.

How to Turn off SAP: The General Method

It’s worth noting that practically all recent TVs, regardless of manufacturer, include the SAP feature. However, the process for turning it off may change between brands. Typically, the supplied remote control has buttons designated MTS, AUDIO, or SAP. To switch Sap on or off, simply press a button.
While some TV remotes do not have this button, you must access the Sap function through the menu. Sap can be found in the Settings menu under Audio or Closed Captioning.

What is SAP?

The term sap refers to second audio programming. It can replace the original language of a television program with other languages. So you may watch your favorite TV shows in your native language. For example, if a program was recorded in English, Sap lets you watch it in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and so on.

The Sap feature not only translates audio but also describes pictures that move on the screen, which is important for vision challenged individuals. Nonetheless, Sap can produce literal and factual translations that are distinct from subjective meanings. As a result, some users may dislike this function and want to disable it.

How Does SAP Work?

The SAP function is provided by the television station that airs the program. If the broadcasting station does not support the Sap function, you will be unable to view it on your television. The TV does not respond when you hit the Sap button on the remote. Furthermore, the SAP service only works on TVs that are connected to an antenna or cable.

The Sap function enables visually impaired persons to watch their favorite program. The FCC (the United States Federal Communications Commission) mandated it in 2002. They directed all local broadcasting services to air four hours of SAP each week to assist visually impaired viewers.

How to Turn off SAP on Samsung TV

The Samsung TV remote features the distinctive Sap button, marked ‘MTS or SAP’. On some Samsung remotes, the button is concealed beneath the door on top of the remote.
Simply touch this button to switch off the Sap. Also, gaze at the television. An MTS button is located on the front. Press it to turn the Sap function off or on.

How to turn off SAP on Samsung TV

To turn off Sap on a Samsung Smart TV, follow the steps below:

  • To turn on your TV, push the power button on the remote or set.
  • Use the TV remote’s ‘Menu’ or ‘Home’ buttons.
  • Navigate to the ‘General’ option under the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Select Accessibility, then disable ‘Video Description’.

How to Turn SAP Back On Samsung TV

If you need to enable SAP for other individuals using the TV, follow the instructions outlined above, depending on whether your TV is a smart or non-Smart model. However, as previously said, this may cause problems on some channels, so turn it off once the previous user has completed watching their program.

How to Turn Off SAP on a DTA?

If you are using a Samsung TV connected to a DTA (Digital Television Adapter), you must disable SAP on the DTA rather than the TV.
However, just to be cautious, make sure SAP is turned off on your television as well.

  • Turn off SAP on a DTA by clicking the Menu button on the remote.
  • Find and open Language or Audio choices.
  • Locate ‘Audio Language Options’.
  • Turn off the ‘Primary Option’ by selecting it and clicking it.
  • This disables SAP on your DTA and allows shows to be seen in their native language.

Contact Support

Even after updating all of these settings, you may still encounter troubles with SAP playing the incorrect audio.
If this is the case, the best and simplest solution is to call Samsung Customer Support and explain your problem.
They will be able to diagnose the problem on their end and provide an immediate solution.
However, if the problem is not with your TV, you may need to call your cable or satellite TV provider to determine what is causing the problem.

Final Words

SAP is an extremely handy option for users who want to view shows in languages other than English. However, this can be problematic for English speakers because having this setting on causes problems with specific program or channels and prevents you from viewing them in English unless you turn it off. SAP is useful for those who wish to watch their beloved shows in their original language. However, not every television station has SAP functionality.

So, it really comes down to user preference, and if you live in a household where some individuals prefer native language program over English, simply remember to switch off the setting once they are finished, and your viewing experience should be fine.

However, if this feature works on your TV, you can disable it. The procedures differ between brands and models. Generally, you can enable or disable the Sap feature by pushing the ‘SAP’ or ‘MTS’ buttons on your remote. For a more detailed description, refer to this guide.
We’ve described what Sap on TV is and how to turn it off on Samsung televisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the SAP button on my Samsung television remote?

SAP settings can be found in Settings>>General>>Accessibility>>Video Description.
To disable SAP, turn off the video description. The remote has no button to turn it off immediately.

Where is the SAP setting on my Samsung TV?

For earlier devices, go to Settings > Audio Options > SAP. For newer smart TV Models, Settings>>General>>Accessibility Video Description.

How can I turn off Audio Description on my Samsung?

Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility Voice Guide. Turn off the voice guide to disable the audio description.