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How to Fax by Using Gmail

For years, sending a fax meant having to purchase a bulky fax machine, plug it into a landline, buy fax paper, write a cover letter, and use the keypad on the machine to dial in a number.

Fortunately, times have definitely changed. It is now easier than ever to send a fax, no machine required. In fact, all that you need is a computer or handheld device and access to any Gmail account to easily send a fax from Gmail.

To learn more about how to send a fax from Gmail and why and how faxing online makes this task easier than ever, please keep reading.

Send Fax From Gmail 

To send a fax from Gmail, all that you need is access to any Gmail email account, and an online service such as eFax. It is quick and easy to set up an eFax account; once your eFax account is ready, you can choose your eFax number and start sending faxes from the Gmail inbox. You can compose your fax right in the Gmail program and then send it directly to the recipient of your choice.

Benefits of Sending a Fax from Gmail

There are a number of plusses to being able to send a fax from Gmail, instead of a traditional fax machine. For example, you can schedule what time you want to send your fax. You don’t have to be by the fax machine at a specific time; instead, you can schedule your fax through Gmail for the exact time you want it to go out, and then you can go on with your day.

How to Receive a Fax Through Gmail

Faxing online is not just about sending faxes. You can also use Gmail to receive faxes. To do this, you simply need to share your fax number with whoever needs to send you a fax. The sender will put your eFax number in their machine to send you the fax, and you will then receive it in your selected Gmail inbox. The fax will appear as a clear photo or a PDF, which you can then open up, read, and/or print as needed.

Replying to a Fax With Gmail

If you need to sign and then return the fax, you can also do this through the eFax program. When you receive the fax, you can send a reply fax to the sender letting them know that everything came through. Then, you can use eFax’s tools to eSign the fax and send it back to the sender—no printing or scanning required.

Forwarding Faxes From Gmail

You can also use the eFax program to forward faxes to another person, all from your selected Gmail account. You can forward a fax just as you would a regular email or other message in your Gmail inbox. The fax you forward can then be printed out on a regular fax machine, or go to the person’s email inbox if they are using a similar service.

Send Faxes Quickly and Easily from Gmail

The traditional fax machine was certainly innovative during its time. It provided a quick way to send physical documents through a phone line, rather than go through snail mail. Now, thanks to the internet, faxing online has made this task easier than ever. No matter the reason you need to fax something, knowing how to receive or send a fax from Gmail is a great option.