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Best Smartboard for Kids (2024)

Smartboards are a contemporary digital innovation that aims to boost productivity and engagement at work, school, or in your own home. They resemble classic whiteboards but include built-in digital technology that enables users to run programs and draw on them. Whether you are a management or a teacher, interactive boards provide additional alternatives and convenience when properly implemented.

smartboard for kids

Teachers that use chalk-and-talk to engage children of all ages will not advance their education. Students who grew up with access to the Internet and a wealth of information and entertainment will quickly lose interest in a boring lecture. Interactive classroom boards are the solution to helping teachers make classes more relevant to their students and keeping pupils connected to what they need for the future.

Top 5 Smartboard for Kids Review

To assist you narrow down your alternatives, I’ll divide the review into three categories. This will make it easy for you to determine which one is most suited to your needs. A classroom smartboard with a touch screen monitor includes a computer. Some can be manipulated with a fingertip or a stylus. It is unrivalled as an interactive and visually appealing smartboard for teaching students of all ages. The display is clear and unaffected by ambient light.

The display is slightly smaller than using a projector. It will take some time to learn how to use this smartboard successfully, but it is ultimately one of the best smartboards for the classroom.

Vibe Collaboration Smart Whiteboard

Students can cooperate and exhibit their own work on a single board. All completed work can be shared using personal computers, tablets, or phones, allowing them to work from home and email it to an absent team member. It links straight to the Internet, allowing your class to collaborate with groups across the hall or around the world.

Most young kids understand the touchscreen interface. They utilize it on their own devices at home. This is a 55-inch board that allows children to interact with numbers, letters, diagrams, historical documents, and a variety of other resources that you, the instructor, can download for a lesson.

It runs Android 7.1 and includes USB ports, a storage networking program, and many more features.
Here are three practical applications for the classroom:

  • Present authentic clips from history, geography, and biology.
  • Encourage active learning by allowing students to walk to the board instead of sitting at their desks and daydreaming.
  • Encourages collaboration on arithmetic and other activities, such as drawing the solar system, making shapes, and taking matching quizzes.

This tool is ideal for taking your teaching to the next level. It is a cutting-edge smartboard that gives your students access to all of the information, visuals, and applications that will broaden their horizons and make learning more enjoyable again.

Google Jamboard

Google created the Google Jamboard to facilitate real-time cloud interactions. It’s similar to a giant tablet with a 55-inch 4K touchscreen display that supports several platforms. There are three ways to utilize this device:

  • Did you know BrainPOP offers lesson plans for smartboards?
  • When designing your next lesson, start with an issue. Children frequently solve difficulties in online games, which is a fantastic challenge for them. The problem does not have to be subject-related; you might begin with a question, such as, “What would you do if your toothpaste tube was empty when you woke up in the morning?”
  • Let students complete the lesson plan. They are supportive of what they have helped develop. They can create tests, watch videos on the subject, and learn and retain far more than if you did all of the thinking and talking.

Perfect for: The Google Jamboard is one of the best smartboards, and it will improve any classroom.

50″ Touch Force 4K UHD Monitor

The 50″ Touch Force 4K UHD Monitor is among the top smartboards for schools. It combines cutting-edge integrated reality technology with high-definition picture quality to create a beautiful home theatre or an excellent smartboard for your classroom. You can interact with this board via pen, touch, or motion. It provides a 10-point ultra-fast response to up to ten single-point users. It’s the ideal answer for a small preschool class.

PBS Kids offers a wide range of language learning games that may be played by several players on a smartboard, such as Funny Photos for K – 2, in which children change the components that are out of position while learning vocabulary. Storybook Creator allows children in grades K through 2 to change the words in a tale to improve their writing and reading skills.

Students aged 3 to 5 can use Cyberchase Lucky Star to solve problems and learn algebra.
Best for: The 50″ Touch Force 4K UHD Monitor is the smartboard to have. If you or your school district have a budget.

AG Neovo IFP-6502: Best Smart Board for Business

If you have a larger workplace or want to improve team participation at work, consider the AG Neovo IFP-6502. We believe this is the ideal smart board for businesses since it helps you get employees up to the board and participating in group sessions. So, what differentiates this product from the others on the list? AG Neovo designed this board with a 20-point touchscreen. With a 20-point touch screen, the board can process up to twenty users who interact with it using a stylus or a finger.

Allowing more members of your team to interact with the board at the same time increases engagement while also allowing for a more natural flow of conversation and idea generation.
Instead of allowing only one person to talk and utilize the smart board at a time, the IFP-6502 facilitates true workplace discussion. Your complete team will be able to contribute to the board at the same time, resulting in increased involvement and flow of ideas.

Samsung Flip 2: Best Overall

It’s hard to imagine of an electronic product that Samsung does not manufacture. While you may be familiar with the Korean business for its cellphones and washing machines, it has also produced numerous well-regarded interactive whiteboards, or IWB.

The greatest and most popular of these smart boards is the Samsung Flip 2, which comes in 65-inch and 85-inch sizes. We feel this is the best smart board on the market today, suitable for any application. One of the most important considerations when purchasing a whiteboard is if it feels natural to write on. The stylus pen should glide smoothly across the board, as if you were writing on a regular dry-erase board.

This board has the quality you’d expect from a firm like Samsung, and writing on it seems more physical than digital. The Flip 2’s visual quality is equally excellent, regardless of whatever model you purchase.
The board displays visuals in 4K quality (3840 x 2160 pixels). If you are not as technically inclined, this resolution ensures the finest images possible, and a 60-hertz refresh rate means video will be displayed at 60 frames per second. If you’ve heard of ultra-HD, this board shows images in UHD.


As you can see, the prices for the interactive classroom boards listed above vary greatly. A simple stylus and projector are probably the cheapest and may suffice for a while. The biggest issue is that the image is not very sharp, and the projector consumes significantly more energy than a smartboard. In certain circumstances, you’ll need to dim your environment slightly to get the greatest image.

Having said that, it’s certainly preferable to sticking with the centuries-old chalkboard method. Not all of the best smartboards for the classroom are expensive, such as my top selection, the Vibe Collaboration Smart Whiteboard, and they will provide you and your students with an excellent experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some frequent usage for smart boards?

Business presentations, teaching, and entertainment are among of the most typical use of smart boards.

2. What are the advantages of using smartboards?

  • Have real-time access to an endless amount of information.
  • Increase engagement by interacting with voice, images, and video.
  • Environmentally friendly: No more board erasers, chalk, or paper.

3. How much does a smartboard cost?

Smartboards can cost anything from $2200 to $10,000. The Samsung flip 2 (65-inch) is one of the best, and it costs $3200.

4. Where can I buy a smartboard?

You can buy a smart board from Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, and other electronic retailers/suppliers.

5. How do smartboards work?

A smart board is an interactive whiteboard that has both a projector and a touch-sensitive surface. The touch-sensitive surface consists of a grid of infrared sensors that detect when a finger or stylus touches it.
When a user contacts the smart board’s surface, the infrared sensors send signals to a computer connected to it.

The computer then interprets these signals and converts them into commands that can be used to communicate with other software applications or programs. The projector projects the computer screen onto the smart board surface, allowing users to interact with the presented content via touch or a stylus.

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