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Best Notion Data Science Templates [Free & Paid], 2024

Stay organized and efficient with Notion data science templates.

As data science continues to evolve with new tools emerging regularly, the need for comprehensive documentation of work and learning is paramount. The notion of a remarkable workspace is a dream come true for every engineer. Its unique features allow you to map out project schedules, create to-do lists, develop mini webpages with documentation, and design custom workspaces for any topic or project. Notion’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, and I won’t delve into the details of workspace or to-do list creation as it’s largely self-explanatory.

Notion data science templates are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring that you’ll find a tool that suits your requirements, whether you’re a data analyst, a business expert, or simply someone who enjoys data measurement. These templates simplify data retention and analysis, leading to enhanced clarity and efficiency in your work.

notion data science templates

Allow me to share a personal experience of how Notion has enhanced my understanding of various ML algorithms. I’ve even provided a Notion link to my workspace for those interested in delving deeper into the implementation of these algorithms.

With customizable templates for trials, analysis, and other tasks, you can turn your data into valuable insights. Understand your data and acquire critical insights into what is most important to your business. Here is the list of top Notion Data Science Templates, Free and Paid as given below:-

Growth Marketing Testing Roadmap

Keeping track of various marketing experiments might get cumbersome. This design allows you to organise them all while keeping results in mind and making it easy to filter down to what you’re looking for.

GRID’s Marketing Report & Projections

It makes spreadsheet data easier to grasp and use, allowing your team to move quickly and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Integrate GRID and Notion to help plan next month’s marketing efforts, determine the most profitable budget allocation, and identify the easiest point for improvement.

Amplitude’s A/B test

It is the top digital optimization system. It provides insight into tailoring experiences to each client and gives teams a consistent lens through which to view data. Avoid context switching by linking straight to your Amplitude charts and data! Use this template for a context-driven A/B test, closing the loop between data, insight, and action.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Framework

The Notion template benefits individuals, teams, and businesses by providing an organized and complete framework for an Exploratory Data Analysis project. It streamlines the process, ensuring that all critical processes are completed and documented, and it promotes cooperation by providing a centralized platform for team members to collaborate and track progress. Using this template will result in higher productivity, better organization, and improved communication among team members throughout the EDA project.

Segment | Analytics Tracking Plan

The template enables a marketing or product manager to clearly, consistently, and easily describe all events, identify and group calls required to make their Segment instance relevant and achieve their analytics goals.

It offers instructions for constructing a plan, pre-defined calls standard to most use cases, and suggestions for maximising the utility of a Segment instance. After designing the tracking plan, engineers can swiftly execute it, allowing consumers to draw insights from their data.

Notion Growth Experiment Dashboard

Our template enables teams and businesses to efficiently prioritise, plan, track, and analyse growth experiments, allowing them to focus on developing their business. Based on Sean Ellis’ 4-step growth hacking process, it allows teams to rank their growth ideas using the ICE prioritisation framework. Instead of being overwhelmed, students can plan their development with order and confidence. Our three-section experiment view allows users to navigate each process phase, from prioritisation to design and analysis.

Analytics Strategy Playbook Wiki

This analytics playbook template is intended for enterprise analytics and business intelligence executives and teams. It is also intended for cross-industry use and can be customized to suit your specific organization.

Data Science Project ToDos

The template is intended for anyone working on a Data Science project who needs an ordered set of TODOs to complete tasks efficiently.

Benchmarking Template

This template enables teams and individuals to implement benchmarking interactively. It provides indicators for finance, marketing, e-commerce, and other areas that allow you to compare and analyse performance.

Machine Learning Engineering Wiki

The Notion ML, Engineering Wiki template, is a comprehensive and flexible resource for developing machine learning applications. This template, which includes checklists, expert guidance, curated resources, and best practices, assists machine learning engineers in simplifying their processes and achieving optimal results.

It addresses critical themes such as pipeline development, problem formulation, presentation creation, AI community participation, and access to a knowledge center containing research papers, repositories, libraries, and visualization approaches. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced ML practitioner, this template is your go-to resource for efficient and successful ML engineering.

Growth Experiments Guide

Growth is a new aspect of the tech sector, and few resources are available online to help you get started. As I battled with this when starting my career in growth, I thought I’d create this helpful template to help other growth practitioners get started.

Inside, you’ll find the most typical growth experiments I’ve conducted and some resources to help you get started.

I have taken four SaaS firms to market utilizing this growth workspace, and I hope it can help you on your journey. Inside, you will find:

  • A route map of the most typical tests I’ve conducted
  • A breakdown of all tests over the customer journey, including piracy metrics
  • A collection of the most widely used tools to assist you x10 your growth strategy.

Data Scientist & Analyst Roadmap (Beginner)

Our framework provides a structured route for people, teams, and businesses interested in data science and analytics. It assists them by providing curated study materials, cheat sheets for rapid reference, and a page for collecting project ideas. This streamlined method saves time, improves learning efficiency, and stimulates creativity, allowing users to make considerable progress in their data-driven projects.

Data Science Use Case Canvas

Data Science Use Case Canvas is a critical tool for the success of any data science effort. Ideally, the canvas should be completed at a brainstorming session, including data scientists, engineers, data analysts, developers, and project stakeholders. The canvas provides a clear overview of the project context, use case objectives, available data, limitations and obstacles to consider, evaluation metrics, error acceptability criteria, and well-defined deliverables.

Data science hub

The Data Science Hub offers an all-in-one workspace for anyone working as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst or who enjoys learning about data science. The all-in-one dashboard lets you manage data science projects, tasks, resources, code snippets, and more. Easily manage your data science projects, tools, code snippets, and more in one location. Save interesting articles, tutorials, and videos so you may easily find them later.

Data Science Projects

Maintain your skills by keeping track of your online training progress, notes, and certificates. Retrieve code snippets from your database rather than trying to remember where you saw a particular piece of code. You can also keep an up-to-date résumé to show prospective employers.

Start your Data Science Project

Determine the value of your data science project. Start by taking basic steps to determine which data analysis is best suited to your dataset and which machine learning model meets your requirements.


Notion’s remarkable flexibility enables the seamless creation of a dedicated workspace tailored for efficiently managing data science tasks. Its high level of adjustability and adaptability ensures that it can easily meet any future requirements while offering all the necessary tools and resources in a unified workstation.



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