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What is the Best Place to Look for a PG in Chennai for Students

Chennai is among the best places to live in the nation, owing to the bounty of academic and professional opportunities, better cost of living, and city-like infrastructure with lesser population challenges. Over the years though, it has seen significant migration from students and young professionals attracted by all it has to offer. Living in a new city can be an overwhelming experience, as you might need to adapt to unique food, culture, language, and the general style of living. Henceforth, your accommodation assumes a crucial role, becoming a key factor in how easily you get settled in. In light of these reasons, picking a good PG in Chennai is an important decision.

PG accommodations bring together people with similar needs, in a shared set-up where they can find an economical way of fulfilling daily living requirements like food, laundry, housekeeping, etc. Keeping an eye on monthly spending is a task and all-inclusive set-ups like professionally managed accommodation can help you fulfill these daily needs efficiently and affordably. Particularly, if you are a newbie to the city, check for a co-living space where you can stay with like-minded housemates. They can not only help you with potential homesickness but also be a support system in a new city. If you are searching for the ideal PG in Chennai that can save you from the difficulty of managing bugging landowners, give you better value for money and provide a host of amenities for everyday needs, you can opt for managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living. Located across some of the most popular and well-appointed locations in Chennai, they will keep you connected with the vibe of the city and offer a convenient stay.

Here is a list of some of the best places to check out an ideal PG in Chennai:


If you are working in or near the DLF IT Park, you should look for a PG in Porur. Well-connected to most parts of the city, it is an ideal place in terms of transportation, food, and shopping facilities, etc. In the vicinity of the interstate highway, it offers residents an easy opportunity for a weekend getaway.


It is viewed as the IT center of Chennai and is a bustling business and residential area. It is also home to various famous design universities in Chennai, giving it a student vibe comprising several popular cafes and eating joints, knick-knack shops, etc.


It is another astounding choice of territory to live in Chennai. It offers simple access to recreational needs, for example, shopping centers, entertainment junctures, cafés, and even health-care needs. It is a perfect region for both families and young working people.


Located in the western part of Chennai, it is a great choice for those who want to live away from the mayhem and uproar of the city.


Life in Coimbatore is a wonderful change from the muggy atmosphere of Chennai. It is otherwise called the instructive center point of India and inhabitants here don’t confront the issue of enormous traffic. Move in to completely outfitted and welcoming facilities, offered by best pgs in Coimbatore.

While living in different sorts of leased apartments, individuals wind up paying more for space they scarcely use and utilities that add on to monthly expenses. Branded PG accommodation is an extremely apt choice for youngsters who want to set aside their cash for better things. So, choose from any of these locations for a great PG accommodation in and around Chennai.